not a segment, but a line

Heia! I missed my orange peel after I had a new baby, my Aizanity. Feel free to look at it. Aizanity is for my one-liners and pictures. Orangepeel is for my essays and long chants. My online life is not at its happiest state. I still don’t have a continuous internet connection! I would really convince my housemates that we need to have one asap.

Anyways, major changes have been going on in my life. First off, I am no longer living in Iloilo City *sob*. I have a job which requires me to transfer to another city two months ago though it feels like it happened ages ago. I’m working in Cavite and on weekends, I go home here in Los Banos, Laguna, where my aunts and cousins live. Now I know the reason why they left Iloilo four years ago — so that I can have a place here to go to on weekends! Yey! Homesickness fail to bother me because of that. But, that does not mean that I don’t miss my mom and dogs. I do. So much. That I am saving every payday for their future takeoff here with me.

I am so much closer to my dreams, but I know I wouldn’t be ever able to reach my ultimate dream. My ultimate dream is alive and is consistently leveling up, so how will I be able to catch it? What I am saying is that my dream is not a segment, but a line. My dream knows no end.