Halloween Dog Costumes 2010

I remembered doing an article about Halloween costumes last year. And now, upon seeing a related article, I do want to make a 2010 issue. But this time, for our loyal friends, dogs! Be inspired. Too bad can’t play dress up with my doggies — they’re on an island different from mine. I swear I’d do this next year to my lovely doggies.
If you want to be traditional, you can dress her up as a cute little witchy dog.
Image Source: www.costumecraze.com/

Or Doggenstein.
Image source: www.gwlittle.com
 They could be other animals for the night, like a bumble bee

Image Source: www.costumecraze.com
Or a pink butterfly.
 Image source: http://www.gwlittle.com/
You could pretend that your pug is Chucky’s bride.
Image source: www.costumecraze.com
And who knows Chihuahuas can be mistaken as tacos?
Image source: www.gwlittle.com 

The choices are unlimited. You can even match their costumes with their attitudes. Your pets can now accompany you or your kids trick-or-treating without feeling left out. I bet that with your costumed dogs, you’ll get twice as much candy for September 30th. Have fun!