Are You Bored With Me Yet?


I’ve been thinking about my personal blog — this. Don’t you think it’s too vain and too personal? I may bore you to sleep with stories, raves and rants about myself. I don’t know if you are getting something positive while you read my posts, or if you are reading at all.

Anyway, I do want to say that I can talk about other things besides myself, my dreams, my relationships and my feelings. Lol. You may ask, what other things are they. So, here it goes:

You can click on each line above to know what I mean. :)
Just in case you find this blog shallow. But I really wanted to share with you my other thoughts about other non-narcissistic things. But I find this blog special since this keeps me sane. I know you get me. Blogging is a way of de-stressing  and a way of becoming a better person. Seriously. 
And oh, I want to share this awesome blog that I have discovered through one of my facebook friends:
Read it. It makes you realize and appreciate the simple things in life. :)
I hope you don’t go like this when reaching my page. Lol.