Pinatubo Jump

It’s more fun in the Philippines

The craze of the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines” started last week. Trended of twitter. Bloggers participated. What did I do? Downloaded the Harabara Bold font and let it sleep in my font folder.I was lazy. And, I got jealous. So, this. My very own contribution to my country’s ever growing tourism. :)

Mactan, Cebu
This was taken during one of our scholarships (OWWA) summer trips. We always had one. Yes, we were lucky! :)
Mt. Pinatubo
We conquered Mt. Pinatubo last May 21, 2011, the supposedly end-of-the-world date. Yeah, we wanted to do something memorable during that day. I haven’t blogged about it because I was too lazy, but I made this instead.
Strawberry Fields, Baguio City
During our college fieldtrip in Baguio! My college barkada. Love/d this shot as much as I loved the sweet corn. :)
Strawberry Fields, Baguio City
Still in Baguio. With my closest college friends. I sort of pretended to pick an orange from the strawberry plantation, while my friend, N (the one who’s raping the plant), was well, uhm, savoring all the plant’s glory.
Taken during a day out with the special one. :) Twas a fun day. We opted for the cable car. And it was.. a funny and memorable experience. Oh, well. :)
Mt. Pinatubo Crater
We rode a bangka to cross to the other hotter side of the crater. We could boil eggs by burying them underneath the sandy soil.
Midnight Mercato
Food! One of Philippines’ attraction, in a way. We, Pinoys love to eat, cook and experiment with food. We love restos and midnight markets.
It’s more fun in the Philippines. Definitely. :)