Because I want my blog to welcome 2013 with a flair of fancy

It’s 12 past 2. Byebye, 2012! In a few hours, it’s gonna be 
 Le’ts drink champagne to all the things that happened in 2012 — good or bad, because our Lord has allowed us to overcome them. We are still alive, breathing and sucking it all up and loving it all out!
What year are we in again? It’s
or for the Romans and Math geeks out there
*insert your own 2013 chant here, go with the lights while saying the number. you could dance away if you want too!

Next year, I should be reminded that
so that
Yeah, baby!
I leave you with this quote, dearies.
Oh, and this National Holiday dates for you to plan out 2013! 
Welcome, 2013!