Peachy, I am

They always tell me that I’m a happy person. If you start reading my earliest journal entries here, you would be thinking the author got replaced. I used to be gloomy and helpless. Now, I am just this bouncing ball, bringing smiles on the faces of people around me.

I find joy in the ordinary. I perk up when someone mentioned that he saw a quote on Pinterest — was surprised he would know Pinterest. I look forward to grocery days on Fridays. I don’t panic when deadline comes because I know I can deliver for as long as He stays with me. I enjoy cuddling in my bed with my two laptops. I don’t mind buying the 2-L oil for our house — when they say that I shouldn’t be doing it that my housemates should do that.

Now, I just couldn’t give out something negative. Well, on most days, probably because I don’t hold on to the negatives inside me. I may be peachy and all, but I can inject happiness to people and maybe just maybe help them to screen out the sad, and give out balloons of joy instead.

Writing inspired by
Five Minute Friday