Acer X450L Series Front

New ASUS X450L Laptop and Justifications for Buying It

I am very very concerned with my finances. After all, I blab and blab about how important it is to invest and save and this and that,  but I just can’t live without a personal laptop and the internet. Seriously, I can’t even.

When you need something pricey, side hustle.

After all, you use it to increase your cash flow.

That’s why I have been working my ass off these past few weeks to get myself a new one! :) I have been searching the malls and the internet for my next best friend. I am sorry Samsung pink lappy have to give up. I truly am. I would have salvaged the 8GB of RAM that I have installed in it, but when we tried it on Atasha, my Asus lappy, it can’t detect it. They’re not compatible in short. Grrr. I guess I just have to sell my RAM online?? I still got the case and it’s pretty okay.

Anyway, here are the things I love about my new ASUS x450L lappy:

  • 1TB HDD
  • 4GB RAM
  • intel i5 Microprocessor
  • SonicMaster speakers which is loud
  • NVIDIA GEFORCE 840M videocard
  • comfy and soft keypads
  • not too sensitive touchpad
  • cool charger, Apple-inspired

The only thing that I note that I dislike for now are

  • Brightness isn’t enough for me (or my eyes broken?)
  • No keyboard backlights (I know them from the start I just have to deal with it)

To get the guilt of buying this laptop out of me, I :

  • remind myself that the almost Php2,000 tax refund for my tax-free shopping in Ireland was already credited to my account
  • used the BPI credit card promo in Chowking (got two chicken meals + 2 sets of 3-piece siomai for FREE!)
  • sent a letter waiving my credit card annual fee to BPI
  • availed of the Php3,000 discount for the cash payment. I used cash + credit card, supplemented by my online gig money, of course!
  • loaned from SSS (to use my SSS). This is a good debt since my laptop is an investment. I use it to generate income. Hah.

So, have I justified my gadget buy? I hope I did!

Remember that I am no Sacrificer, I am an Ultimate. I side hustle to live the life that I want to live. Thanks to the Fastlane Millionaire for encouraging me to thrive with this philosophy.