Weekly Wishes

Weekly Wishes { Week 4 | August 2014 }

Weekly Wishes

Weekly Wishes

This is a blog meme by The Nectar Collective which I join because: (1) I need to transfer the buzzing things from my brain to somewhere else. (2) I need to get things done and (3) I need to get to my goals — retiring early — the fastest way possible!

Last weekend was supposed to be a long weekend — a holiday on Thursday and the Monday following it, but no. I was busy with work and school. The boyf was busy with work. We were planning to have a weekend getaway. We wish. Hah.

Nothing really happened this week aside from the heart-thumping phone call that I have received from mom this morning. I knew something was wrong when she texted me ‘Please call ASAP’. When I answered, she blabbed about how worried she was and how heart is like pounding away from her rib cage with me having NO CLUE of what was happening. Just how cruel is that?

Turns out my little Pom-Spitz dog got into a fight with our gentle giant Aspen dog. He almost died and I almost cried in the office. But thank God he’s okay now. Little dogs can be bossy and insecure and really stupid. Now, I know the feeling of having two kids fight and not being able to choose who to blame. =( Having dogs can train you to be a parent. I can see that.

Anyway, I got things done this week aside from my boring work and graduate school stuff. So let me review last week’s wishes.

Last Week’s Wishes

…On Blogging

 Curate an editorial calendar for August and September.

I’ve managed to work on two. Hah. But I drafted a useful one yesterday

 Finish two blog posts this week.

One weekly wishes and one blogging post. 

 Draft/Brainstorm on how to revamp my ‘About’ Page.

I’ve scribbled on my blogging tickler. It needs improvement though.

 Figure out why my Related Posts isn’t showing up. If you have any idea why, can you help me on this? It used to display okay, but after some updates and additional plugin installations, I can no longer find my ‘Related Posts’.

After I’ve published last week’s wishes, my Related Posts worked! Thanks to nRelate.

 …On Finances

★ Find a new oDesk job.

Phew. I found one. And another one. And this other one. Okay. When it rains, it really pours. I kept on applying because apparently, no one was acknowledging to my applications. One of the reasons was a delayed reply. We swapped phones again. So, I worked extra hard and just today, I was offered 3 jobs! So YESSSS, I’m happy. No rest after work this week!

 List down this week’s expenses.

Uh-oh. Failed this one.

 …On School + Work

 Finish my Economics homework.

Easy peasy. *smirk*

 …On Creating my Own Dream Job

 Figure out what exactly it is and make a “dream board” on my About Page.

I sorta used like a few minutes thinking about it — no scribbles whatsoever. Maybe I’m not yet too sure, but… I’ve worked on loads of stuff that I haven’t written the last time.

Last Week’s Bonus Wishes

These are accomplished things which I haven’t really listed down as wishes, but I’ve done them anyway.

…On Blogging

 Advertisement spot

 Blog button grab

 Blog Series Sidebar Images

 Blog Subscriptions Forms

This Week’s Wishes

…On Blogging

 Finish three blog posts: (1) Weekly Wishes, (2) Finance post and (3) Book Review of ‘Show Your Work’

 Create Blog Calendar for September.

 Start editing ‘About Me’ Page.

 Leave comments on 5 favorite blogs.

 …On Finances

 Pay credit card.

 List down this week’s expenses. (Again.)

 Pay remaining tuition fee.

 …On School + Work

 Survive the work week.

 …On Creating my Own Dream Job

 Figure out what exactly it is and sketch a “dream board” of my About Page in my notebook.

 Finish the three new oDesk jobs.

 Figure out the little online entrep job that I’m thinking of.

The Nectar Collective

Do you also love setting goals? Are you a sucker of lists?

You can join the Weekly Wishes here and let’s cross out things from our lists and get things done! Yes, we are go-getters!

All of these for the love of side hustling and creating my own dream job in order to retire early. Cheers!