Design Her Story Talk

DesignHerStory: Lessons Learned

Design Her Story Talk

As I have blogged before, I went to attend the DesignHerStory Talk in Local Edition Coffee and Tea Cafe last Sunday in Makati. The rain was pouring hard, but that didn’t stop us from coming — this is my first blogger event this year! And besides, some of my favorite local bloggers are there. I’ve been stalking some of them for half of my blogger lifetime already and it is just fitting for me to come to see them in the flesh, aight?

So, here they are (in no particular order. I’ve learned all about Jamie in the event. So she’s a new find! :))

Click on the thumbs to visit their awesome blogs!

Anyhow, to start with the lessons that I have learned from the talk, let me tell you all about DesignHerStory first.

DesignHerStory is a community, movement & platform of multi-passionate women who want to use their creativity to do purposeful work without losing their sense of fun.

I first saw it on Arriane’s blog and was already convinced to join! I took notes during the entire talk. And here are my takeaways:

★ Always be creating.

This is Abbey’s mantra. She has been doing what she loves for 4 years already and look at where she is now — freelance projects here and there with popular brands in the country. She didn’t just wake up one day and got clients e-mailing her. She didn’t get lucky — she worked for it. The Millionaire Fastlane has a similar approach when achieving dreams. And so does the Show Your Work book by Austin Kleon. I have this book, btw.

★ Have a schedule. Even Especially with your projects.

Arriane gives her projects two weeks — at the maximum. Wow! She is definitely a wandergirl. I’ve kept project ideas for months. And they just die there inside my head. So, I am adopting her ultimatum. Give my projects a deadline. I am past the do-what-I-say phase with regards to certain areas in my life because a certain told me I was always half-hearted. Now, I’m only lagging on my passion projects.

★ Set goals.

I truly know that this is important and I strictly comply with this. Everyday. In every little thing I do. In the office. At home. Well, I’ve became a list freak! I can’t tell when it started. Last year, I guess? When I was past through the half-hearted phases. I am goal-setter and goal-lister with all the weekly wishes and post it notes on my office desks. It helps me to hold on to my sanity, actually.

★ Create opportunities.

How do you have opportunities come knocking on your door? By putting yourself out there. Abbey reminded me this during the talk. I first recognized this idea when I read Show Your Work. I didn’t realize that it was already happening to me now. As far as my blogging career has started:

  • I got event invites.
  • I got e-mails offering paid blog posts in my blog.
  • I’ve been offered a writing spot on finance websites.
  • I’ve asked and been given the rate that I demand of for my writing hustles.
  • And other beautiful things I am grateful of.

But, this is just the start. :) I am even more serious in making myself worthy of these offers. That’s why I have attended the talk.

★ Make time for doing the things you love.

Arriane pointed this out. Not having time (my excuse all the time) is not permissible. I have 3 days off, 1 day is for graduate school and I have 2 more free days. I can still work when I get home at 10PM to like 12MN or 1AM if I have a deadline to catch.

★ Never let anything come between you and your dreams.

I was more impressed with Abbey when she revealed that she has a day job! I knew that she just graduated, but didn’t know that she already was working. She got loads of stuff to do as she always put up things on her Instagram or FB page. (Yes, I am an avid fan.) So when she started talking about how to balance between creativity + productivity and between your passion projects + day job, I find head bobbing up and down all the time and I was happy someone finally got me. Even Arriane is into this multitasking diva. She’s a government employee with all those side projects and a bunch of interns. Yes, she is the coolest.

What’s up with millennials? We feel the need to have like 2-4 jobs at one time. Haha!

★ Posts Work in Progress.

Post unfinished artwork, books, drafts on your social media or blog. Abbey always do this. Maybe I should take boring shots of my computer screen eh? I’ll try to do this on my projects — side hustles and passion projects. This was also suggested on Show Your Work. Doing this would encourage you to actually finish the project. You’re kind of broadcasting to people that you are doing this and that so you’ll feel the urge to actually complete what you have started. You don’t want to be branded as a quitter, don’t you?

★ Less Talk, More Do.

Okay, I’ll admit it I was a serial talker in my blog in the last few years. I was always this type of blogger who would tell her readers (if I have one) that I will do this so that it’s blah blah blah. With everything — my life goals, my blog changes, etc. And there was this person (previous cubemate who always read my food blog) who pointed this out. He said I want to do so much, but I end up doing nothing. He would laugh at me and he was kind of surprised when I really enrolled to an MBA last year after I mentioned it to him that I will. Haha. In your face! Jokin’, we’re friends. So, there. I was actually doing the things that I said I will. Oh yeah.

Butttt, tell you what. It all started with talk. People (in the office) started talking/discussing to me about money because I blogged about personal finance. My clients look up to me as a real writer because I first tricked myself into believing that I am a writer and that I can write great copy. Of course, I do my homework and upgrade my skills to support this. =D So yeah.

But still, I need to do more instead of just talk.

★ Always see to it that you have personal projects.

Yes and yes and more yes to this. When I get bored from writing for other people, I hang out a little while in my blog here. Or on my other more personal blog and I write. Doing these never fails to take off some load. Writing for other people and writing for yourself is two different things.

For instance, Abbey does lettering for clients and she does lettering for herself. One time she was stressed of projects that she decided to take a break and so she worked on a personal lettering project.

Doing the thing that you love as a profession and doing the very same thing for yourself is different, whatever that thing is.

★ Collaborate with other people.

Arriane stressed this out. It’s fun hanging out with people who love the same things as you. So, it’ll be more fun doing projects with them. I guess I need to work on this. The only collaboration that I do is online — writing and hosting giveaways. I long to do offline things with like-minded people. Oh, yes this will be a struggle.

There you go! Those were the important lessons that I’ve learned that day. Check out the pics during the DesignHerStory below!

Sidestory: ‘Twas taken by the boyfriend. He was snapping here and there, practicing his camera skills when I begged him to just effing use the ‘Automatic’ button because I can’t bear to ruin the chance of losing quality blog pics on such a pretty event like this one! But, he retorted, “Eh kelan pa ako mag pra-practice?” Gawd, sometimes, I just want to strangle him.
Anyhow, shout out to you, boyfriend for taking these pictures and waiting for 2 hours outside the cafe! You’re the coolest. *virtual kisses*

After the talk, there was a bazaar. I bought souvenirs from my favorite bloggers. Look!  The three of them in one row.

Favorite bloggersAbbey gave us free prints, but I still bought more and these:

My Bazaar Haul