Full on Hipster

Full on Hipster

There’s something about hipsters that I totally dig. They’re quirky and they’re cool. And they make great wedding subjects!

I took this quiz to see if I am one. And I got this:

Full on Hipster

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Took the quiz once.

But hipsters don’t agree that they’re hipsters sooo…

I actually took the entire quiz over and over again to get this result. How about you? Take the quiz to find out!

H O W    H I P S T E R    A R E    Y O U ?

So, what did you get?

Tell me if you’re a hipster in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed the quiz as much as I did!

And as a takeaway, here’s a favorite Infographic about hipster weddings that I found decades ago, but I am going to share it here because it’s awesome! Credits go to Refinery29 and Ammiel Mendoza.

We already have small plans for the wedding, but it isn’t official. I want to pull the days ahead so it’ll be official and I can start planning on my hipster wedding (so I can cut out some costs. You know with the DIYs and stuff). Lol.