Monthly Goals { October 2104 }


Monthly Goals

This is a monthly blog link-up by My So-Called Chaos which I joined because: (1) I need to see the bigger picture and (2) I need to align my to-do lists with my ultimate goal — create my own dream job and live life to the fullest– the fastest way possible!

September, how fast you’ve gone! I had a few happy moments in September — first event of the year as a blogger, first time to have a huge fixed-price jobs, several come back clients for my side hustles. I am totally blessed. It was also a time of re-branding my blog. And fixing it.

I’ve also finished my 2nd semester in MBA school. Thanks to MBA school I can practice my presentation skills and public speaking again. I like it. However, I haven’t achieved all my goals. I was busy with my day job and writing reports.

It’s time to evaluate myself! Leggo!

LEGEND:  [★] Nailed This!         [☆] Failed This/Not Yet Started      [※] Kind of started/Half-Done        [–] Cancelled This!

September 2014 Goals Recap

…On Blogging

[※] Revamp About Me Page + finishing touches on my blog. This is another major project that I have been thinking since the first week of September. Then came this Blogger University Assignment which encourages us, the students to make the About page irresistible. 

[※] Pour out creativity on The Lust Manifesto

[–] Decide on the blog topic assignments between blogs. I am concentrating on this blog instead. Plus my port.

[☆]  Fix Portfolio on www.aizacoronado.com

[※] Work on LIAM’s Blog Calendar. I have link up ideas, which I have yet to execute.

…On Entrepreneurial Explorations

[☆]  Finish at least three items for online project I’m still contemplating on how to go about this online project. Huhu. I need more time for this.

[☆]  Launch Online Project!

[☆]  Check with cousins the project that they’re proposing to me. Well, I went home last weekend. We have plans, but none of them is concrete. Guess I have to give this one up.

…On Side Hustling

[★]  Keep my lovely clients and make them happy. ;) I have three returning clients! And so far, I’ve made and committed more than one project with each. However, the one is on silent mode. I have to follow him up. So far, I am satisfied. One has reached me through LinkedIn. Which reminds me I need to have that profile updated! It sort of is empty.

[★] Earn at least $350.00 on the sides.  Yes, I did this! =))) Bahahahahaha!

[★] Submit work before deadline. More like hours before the deadline. But still! I am open with my clients with my working hours.

 …On Finances

[※]  Re-prioritize savings/investments. I want to concentrate on my EF again. I want to finish it again.

[※] Work on monthly top ups. I grew my savings/investments although they’re only a small part.

[※] Document finances (Expense Tracker + Budget + MF Tracker, etc.) I’m putting these on Google Docs!

 …On Health & Fitness

[※]  Eat healthy. Drink tea.  I still drink coke and eat fatty, bad-for-the-body food.

[☆]   Get back to cooking! I’m toooo tired to cook when I get home. On most days.

[☆]   Jog & dance. Failed. I walked once. Around the company gateway.

 …On School + Work

[★]  Survive work weeks. Yessss! It’s a torture though. Sometimes.

[※]  Semester-ender holiday! Yahoo! I hope we can have a looooong weekend this weekend. I hope I can finish what I have to do at work.

October 2014 Goals

…On My Faith

[☆] Get back to reading the bible.

…On Blogging

[☆] Blog should be flawless. Links working. Pages updated. Blog posts categorized.

[☆] Write more on The Lust Manifesto.

[☆] Fix Portfolio on www.aizacoronado.com

[☆] Work on LIAM’s Blog Calendar.

[☆] Work on LIAM’s Link Ups: Watch out for #BrainBaits and #WealthCheckWednesdays!

[☆] Share FREE downloadables!

[☆] Take more pictures for blog posts.

…On Entrepreneurial Explorations

[☆] Reflect on an online project. Build business plan.

[☆] Plan aunch Online Project!

…On Side Hustling

[☆] Keep my lovely clients and make them happy. ;)

[☆] Earn at least $400.00 on the sides. ($50 up from last month’s goal)

[☆] Submit quality work before deadline.

 …On Finances

[☆] Create a tangible financial plan. 

[☆] Never miss monthly top ups.

[☆] Document finances (Expense Tracker + Budget + MF Tracker, etc.)

 …On Health & Fitness

[☆]  Eat healthy. Drink tea.

[☆]  Get back to cooking!

[☆]  Jog & dance.

 …On Personal Development

[☆] Read MORE copywriting materials.

[☆] Take advanced grammar online courses.

[☆] Finish reading at least two books, irregardless of genre.

[☆] Take a break on the beaccchhh!

 …On School + Work 

[☆] Enroll for another semester of Techno MBA

[☆] Survive work weeks in the office.

P.S. My October 2014 Goals is getting a little longer as compared to my September 2014 Goals. Well, that’s because this Weekly Wishes and Monthy Goal setting have been really effective. If it’s not here, I feel less drive to do it. ;)

Monthly Goals

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