September Goals

Monthly Goals { September | 2014 }

September Goals

Monthly Goals

This is a monthly blog link-up by My So-Called Chaos which I joined because: (1) I need to see the bigger picture and (2) I need to align my to-do lists with my goals — creating my own dream job — the fastest way possible!

I used to be torn between making Weekly Wishes and my Monthly Goals when the first of the week comes, so I decided to separate the two. For Monthly Goals, I’m linking up with My So-Called Chaos. I’m keeping my Weekly Wishes with Melyssa of TNC.

Let’s get started!

August 2014 Goals

…On Blogging

★ [CANCELED THIS!] Fill in The Boomlet Diaries. If you have heard, my website got deleted because iPage said it had malware. So now, I’m getting more serious with blogging and carefully planning my brand once again because I can’t simply decide what to put in TBD. So I’m going to work on the re-launch of the site this month. And doing the most important thing that I ignored before — backing it up. Vaultpress maybe.  I’ve overhauled my blog in a major way. Bottomline is I am abandoning The Boomlet Diaries and sticking with LoveisaMutt. I guess I need to address this in a new blog post!

★ [FAILED THIS!] Finish at least 3 outputs that I could use in a project that I am brewing. Clue: I’m going to be a creator and I hope my work sells. Thanks to Show Your Work for inspiring me.

 [ON HOLD!Work on Finance Pinoy. I am in charge of the marketing of this group that we have formed, but we’re not on track. We have to meet up this weekend to work on the plan. I have to do debt posts and revive our social media.

 [KIND OF STARTED!]Create an editorial calendar for my personal blog and The Boomlet Diaries.

★ [SORT OF WORKED ON THIS!] Work on the final touches on this blog. The pages are not tailored and so are the sidebars. I just moved from WordPress, FYI. So, there maybe broken links and pages. So things to work on are: About Me, Life List Page, Contact Page, Blog Swap Page and the side bars! I’m kind of done with the contact and side bars. I have yet to revamp my About Me Page.

 …On Finances

★ [NAILED THIS! Side hustle for the remaining bill of my laptop and healthcare — a challenge really. I won 4 jobs last on the last week of August (was too tired on the first few weeks). And three are kind of long-term. I’m pickier this time. Rates at least $7.00/hr or $10 per 500-word article. This worked for me. I get to work less, but I get to earn more. How cool is that?

 [FLUNKED THIS!List down August expenses. ;(

 …On School + Work

  [NAILED THIS!Survive MBA this semester while being on track with my day job. 

September 2014 Goals

…On Blogging

★ Revamp About Me Page + finishing touches on my blog.

★ Pour out creativity on The Lust Manifesto

★ Decide on the blog topic assignments between blogs.

★ Fix Portfolio on

★ Work on LIAM’s Blog Calendar.

…On Entrepreneurial Explorations

★  Finish at least three items for online project by the

★ Launch Online Project!

★ Check with cousins the project that they’re proposing to me.

…On Side Hustling

★ Keep my lovely clients and make them happy. ;)

★ Earn at least $350.00 on the sides. 

★ Submit work before deadline.

 …On Finances

★ Re-prioritize savings/investments.

★ Work on monthly top ups.

★ Document finances (Expense Tracker + Budget + MF Tracker, etc.)

 …On Health & Fitness

  Eat healthy. Drink tea.

  Get back to cooking!

  Jog & dance.

 …On School + Work

  Survive work week.

  Semester-ender holiday! Yahoo!

Monthly Goals

Do you also love setting goals? Are you a sucker of lists?

It’s the first week of the month and let’s keep our eyes on our targets. To make sure that your to-do lists coincide with your big dreams, join us in setting our Monthly Goals!