Weekly Wishes

Weekly Wishes { Week 2 | September 2014 }

Weekly Wishes

Weekly Wishes

This is a blog meme by The Nectar Collective which I join because: (1) I need to transfer the buzzing things from my brain to somewhere else. (2) I need to get things done and (3) I need to get to my goals — retiring early — the fastest way possible!

Last week was a bore, but I loved my online life last week. Lots of great opportunities for work! I also received the news that I have secured a slot on #DesignHerStory Talk this weekend. I think it is going to be exciting! I also stumbled upon a monthly link up on monthly goals! I’m joining that every first week of the month instead of Weekly Wishes. Nice way to really work on that action plan.

I have my September goals in place, so let’s work on that game plan.

Last Week’s Wishes

…On Blogging

 [MISSED THE LAST] Finish three blog posts: (1) Weekly Wishes, (2) Finance post and (3) Book Review of ‘Show Your Work’

 [FAILED THIS!] Create Blog Calendar for September. I only worked on one week.

 [FAILED THIS!] Start editing ‘About Me’ Page.

 [NAILED THIS!] Leave comments on 5 favorite blogs.

 …On Finances

★ [FAILED THIS!] Pay credit card. I’m going to pay tomorrow.

 [FAILED THIS!] List down this week’s expenses. (Again.) I still don’t have MS Excel. Need to purchase Office 360.

 [FAILED THIS!] Pay remaining tuition fee. The line was too long. I had my evaluation though so I can directly go to the cashier this Saturday.

 …On School + Work

★ [DONE!]  Survive the work week. This week’s kind of scarier.

 …On Creating my Own Dream Job

 [FAILED THIS!] Figure out what exactly it is and sketch a “dream board” of my About Page in my notebook. Too busy for this. ;(

 [NAILED THIS!] Finish the three new oDesk jobs. I got four new contracts last week. And three are like repeating clients, so yay!

 [FAILED THIS!] Figure out the little online entrep job that I’m thinking of. Too busy for this. ;(

This Week’s Wishes

…On Blogging

 Finish two blog posts: (1) Weekly Wishes and (2) Finance post

 Write one creative entry on The Lust Manifesto

★ Create Blog Calendar for September, especially on my Couple Finance Series.

★ Start editing ‘About Me’ Page.

 …On Finances

★ Pay this month’s credit card due.

 List down this week’s expenses.

 Pay remaining tuition fee.

 Contribute to Emergency Fund. (Was re-building this.)

 …On School + Work

★ Survive work. T_T

 Finish 2 MIT Reports. T_T

 Start Economics Paper with my group. T_T

 Study for Managerial Accounting report. T_T

 Make a story on our MIT Exposure Trip. Apparently, my professor added me on LinkedIn and knew that I am a writer. Too bad because I was not meticulous enough on my papers — was concentrating on writing jobs more. T_T

 …On Entrepreneurial Explorations

 Figure out what exactly it is and sketch a “dream board” of my About Page in my notebook.

 Contemplate on this before the #DesignHerStory Meet up!

 …On Side Hustling 

 Finish 3 Home Improvement articles by tomorrow.

 Edit web content of one client.

 …On Health + Fitness

 No coke, only tea.

The Nectar Collective

Do you also love setting goals? Are you a sucker of lists?

You can join the Weekly Wishes here and let’s cross out things from our lists and get things done! Yes, we are go-getters!

All of these for the love of side hustling, obsession of creating my own dream job and the hopes of retiring early. Cheers!