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When I was a young kid, I love/hate Halloween because of the horror TV shows that would randomly pop up on the TV. That scared me like shit, but still, I liked watching. Now, the TV can’t overpower me, haha. That’s because I don’t watch TV anymore. How can I if the internet is with me?

Anyhow, this week’s Brain Baits is special. It’s all about Halloween! Hope you enjoy this bunch. Consider these as your Halloween candies from me.

[1] The Walking Dead S05E01

[SPOILERS ALERT!] It was smashing! I loved Carol even more and I wanted to punch Tyreese in the face. The reunion was touching I wanted to hug everyone. ;)  This episode was the highest rated episode ever! Come over to the official The Walking Dead FB page for some funny memes! Can’t wait for Monday!

[2] Cutesy Halloween Baby Costumes

Every year, I always look at cute Halloween costumes for babies. It’s because I have to! There’s a fresh idea each year. This baby nailed the UP character, eh? There are lots of babies like him here.

[3] Lovely Halloween Couple Costumes


If boyfriend and I would go to a Halloween party, we’d be Daryl and Carol. Haha. Feels. There’s lot of crazy couple costume Halloween ideas in Pinterest. One even went as Facebook and Twitter. Really?

[4] And Pet Halloween Costumes

Dress up your dog as a different animal. Or find more pet costume ideas here.

[5] Meanest Halloween prank. Let your pet do it for you.

I can’t stop laughing at this!

[6] Gory Halloween Ideas

Hang body bags on your front porch. Just be sure there are no real bodies inside. The rest of the ideas are utterly gross I can’t even bear to look at some of the pictures!

[7] Ebola Scare on Cruise Ship

— Eric Lupher (@EricLupher7News) October 17, 2014

Apparently, a laboratory worker was aboard a cruise ship. But, the people are calm and are not hesitant to still enjoy the cruise. This is kind of scary since a recent news announced that the incubation period of Ebola might not be 21 days after all. It might be 2x longer. So ugh.

[8] This Disturbingly Beautiful Art

This picture was taken by Christopher McKenney. The others are beautifully haunted. The others are plain creepy I just have to hit the ‘x’ button.

[8] Fun Halloween Stuff to Do

Make these DIY Halloween Treats on Pinterest. I’ll make these when I have kids! :)

[9] Halloween Playlist

Playlist credit to Popsugar.

On Halloween Night, prepare a sumptuous dinner for you and him. And after those Pinterest Halloween DIY desserts, have these songs played while you… tell horror stories to each other. With the lights out maybe?

(I’m awkward in this seducing thing.)

Anyway, Happy Halloween!

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