Brain Baits Vol. 3

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Brain Baits

Your weekly serving of everything awesome –

a cheap way to kill time and feed your brain at the same time.

Welcome to another round of Brain Baits! This week, I want you to treat yourself to that alone time and a few laughs. We deserve a break from the corporate world and from other life’s hard knock offs.

[1] How to say ‘no’ creatively

Shut everyone out this weekend and hibernate. Here’s one way to escape it:

I’m in a season of NO.

If this doesn’t work out, here are a few other leave-me-alone statements crafted in a courteous way.

[2] Animals caught off guard.

Can’t stop laughing, eh?

[3] Cutesy Willow whose Halloween is just not one night in October


Apparently, her mom is a photographer. Her other Halloween costumes are just as adorable as this one.

[4] This Invasive Design Jewelry Which Can Power up Your iPhone


An Israeli student named  Naomi Kizhner invented this. With the Ebola virus, my reading of the Scorth Trials and Death Cure and this news, reality and fiction seems to entangle with each other. Amusingly creepy.

[5] Different way of getting inked


I’d like to have this type of tattoos. Only if I’m not a crybaby.

[6] Raising of Tax Ceiling on Bonuses!!!

Let’s do the happy dance!

If you’re from the Philippines, you will want to spread this good news:

[7] Aurora Borealis + Solar Flares

[Photo by Sylvain Serre]

When we went to Ilocos the last time, we were fascinated by the National Geographic episode about solar flares. Well, did you know that the Aurora Borealis are the results of solar flares escaping the surface of the sun?  Well, yes they are. Thank you to the Earth’s Magnetosphere, we’re safe from the solar flares.

The solar flare thing has been lingering in my mind because I’ve been reading the last 2 books of the MazeRunner trilogy, which I am going to do a review of here in this blog in a few days.

[8] (Almost) Terror Teachers

You’ve encountered at least one or two in your entire life. In my life, the terror teachers aren’t necessarily those chalk-throwing, shitty types. They’re the ones who challenges you — no open books during the entire class. No googling during the entire class. Deliver a report on this and that. Your research topic has been done before. Go get something new.

Actually, I like them.

They’re the ones I remember. I don’t remember the super nice ones because I tend to slack off during their classes. =P Study shows “terror teachers” contribute a lot to their students’ future successes.

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