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a post with links to articles/blog which I wished I’ve thought of first find share-worthy.

Hey, there!

I spend a serious amount of time reading through my Facebook newsfeed. No, I don’t dwell on my friends’ lives. I liked a bunch of great pages on the internet and I may have been reading their pages too much because I always have to blab to my friends about my latest reads during lunch time. You know, just to get them out of my head.

One friend even told me to share my favorite pages with him.

Then, I thought, maybe I could share them with you guys! In case my friends get tired of listening to me. Sounds like a great idea? Alright! High five!

(And besides Blogging U. said I should start a link up or a blog series.)

[1]  Reading speed test. According to this page, if I were to read the Game of Thrones series, it would take me 138 days — 286 faster than an average person. Apparently, my reading speed is 325 words per minute.

The average person could read Game of Thrones in 484 days.
Click the image to find out if you could read it faster. (via BlinkBox Books).
[2] It’s the loooong weekend and we were supposed to go somewhere to get our minds off work, but no that ^#&$&# work didn’t let us. So, boyf and I are hibernating. This fall hibernation article might get you to do the same.

[3] Here are 35 places which you need to do “it” right now, according to Distractify’s Mark Pygas. The uncovered hotel in Lion Sands is my favorite because I am a sucker for lights and candles hung on trees!

[4] If you’re discouraged by a failure, a bad client or misfortunes at work, stop and take a deep breath. Binge eat, but don’t splurge. Most importantly, don’t give up! Famous people have taken rejections pretty well. Here’s a rejection letter for the band U2. And here’s more to read if you feel like giving up on your dreams.

[5] Here are 25 tools that entrepreneurs should have according to Entrepreneur. As a freelance writer and blogger, I use some of these — Asana, Google Drive, Pinterest, LinkedIn — but there’s more to explore!

[6] A new equity fund by the name of Soldivo Strategic Growth Fund Inc. has been approved by SEC. The fund was set up by Kaiser International Healthgroup (owns 80% of the funds). Kaiser is my long-term healthcare provider. This is good news to all its plan holders.

[7] Are you making your breakfast the right way? MarieClaire thinks you are. Admit it you’re slicing bananas and putting them all over your peanut butter spread. I do. I had fun reading these breakfast hacks.

Did you enjoy this week’s links?

Reading useful content in the internet is a cheap way to kill time.

If you have links that you think I should include, leave them on the comments below.

And, come back every Monday for a new bunch!