Love is a Mutt theme

Love Thy Theme.

I don’t know with you, but I am the kind of blogger who cannot keep calm unless her theme suits her well…

At that certain point in time.

I’ve realized, however, that this can be harming my branding. People always get surprised when they visit my blog because the look seems to always change.

On being a better blogger by sticking to one theme

I’m currently attending Blogging University to improve. One assignment that they want us to do was to choose a theme. Even if we’re happy with the theme that we have now. Just to have a taste of how our blogs would change per theme.

I am kind of hesitant doing now that I am in WordPress. Because I always thought that changing things around WP is kind of complicated? Or is it not?

Besides, I have done a gazillion times already. And, I have promised myself that I would stick to one theme for now as part of my blogging improvement project. So, I chose one that is flexible. And I chose this.

Back in my Blogger days, I’ve always keep on changing themes like I change my jeans. The pictures above were my actual themes. That’s not all of them, mind you.

And, oh. I am not a sentimental lady. I’ve just used Wayback Machine to look at my old blog looks. You should definitely try it out. It’s totally free!

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Do you change blog layout often, too? Why or why not?