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Weekly Wishes { Week 3 | October 2014 }

Weekly Wishes

Weekly Wishes

This is a weekly blog link up by The Nectar Collective which I join because: (1) I need to transfer the buzzing things from my brain to somewhere else. (2) I need to get things done and (3) I need to get to my goals — retiring early — the fastest way possible!

I’ve been MIA for the past week. I went to Ilocos for the much-needed break! I’m back, ready to scratch things out again!

Last Week’s Wishes

…On Blogging

★ [FAILED THIS!] Finish three blog posts: (1) Weekly Wishes, (2) Blogging University post and (3) Finance post

★ [FAILED THIS!] Create Blog Calendar for October, especially on my new finance link up(s).

★ [FAILED THIS!] Correct links on topic menu on the sidebar

★ [NAILED THIS!] Update About Me Tell me if you like my revamped About Me Page!

 …On Finances

★ [FAILED THIS!] Update financial spreadsheets. (Google Spreadsheets)

 …On School + Work

★ [FAILED THIS!] Finish things at work. I’m getting ready for the loooong weekend! There’s just tooooo many. ='(

 …On Side Hustling 

★ [FAILED THIS!] Finish everything. Deliver exceptional quality. I went home and I missed a new job offer. Huhu.

 …On Health + Fitness

★ [NAILED THIS!] Relax on the beach.

★ [NAILED THIS!] Eat veggies.

★ [NAILED THIS!] Take lots of pictures on the beaaaach!

This Week’s Wishes

…On Blogging

 Create three blog posts

 Install downloadables!

 Fix Subscribers. Send out my first ever newsletter! Buy Sendy? Or do you have any recommendations? Subscribers about to hit 2,000! :)

 …On Finances

★ Update financial spreadsheets. (Google Spreadsheets)

 …On School + Work

 Finish things at work.

 First day of school!

 …On Side Hustling 

 Apply for a new job.

 …On Health + Fitness


 Eat veggies.

The Nectar Collective

Do you also love setting goals? Are you a sucker of lists?

You can join the Weekly Wishes here and let’s cross out things from our lists and get things done! Yes, we are go-getters!

Let’s hustle, create our own dream jobs and plan to retire early. Cheers!