Brain-Baits 4

Brain Baits Vol. 4

Brain-Baits 4

Brain Baits

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Welcome to another round of Brain Baits! It’s an avenue for you to be entertained, to indulge into some geekery and to relax a bit. =) Just like me. It’s a Monday and yet I’m hanging out in a cafe! Haha. The Christmas Cookie Latte is too sweet for me. I should’ve stuck with the good ‘ol Java Chip.

Let’s start?

[1] Did you know that Salem witches weren’t burned at the stake?

They were actually hanged.

I know right. You feel betrayed too? Wait until you learn more things that were true back when we were kids, but aren’t now.

[2] The ring you should buy if you frequent streets at night

This seems like an ordinary ring, but you can use this against an attacker. Sad that we have to invent things like this. It’s called The Siren and it was created by Kat Alexander. Its name suits since it can give off a 110-dB alarm and can be heard up to 50-feet away.

[3] WOTE. I am in love with them. I am so so so so completely obsessed with them as of the moment.

Oh my gosh. You don’t have an idea what I am talking about?! I’m talking about Walk Off The Earth, who as per their website, “an unconventional, multi-talented five-piece musical phenomena that is currently taking the world by storm.”

They’re funny. They’re super talented. They’re eclectic. They’re hipsters (I guess.) Below are my fave WOTE covers.

I’m tired with the copy and pasting. Just check out their YouTube channel here.

[4] Cool Cases


I have a hard time looking for Samsung Note 3 cases. There are too many cute ones for iPhone. But, you can find a few for Note 3. I’d like the ones with dreamcatchers. Maybe I can order one of these from AliExpress instead.

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[5] Modern love notes

I’m a fan of love letters!! Not the normal, boring, usual stuff. I prefer these types!

[6] This is the way I trap my friends in my life.

Via Grammarly.

[7] I can do aerobics, but not this Alphabet Aerobics. Hats off, Radcliffe.

Fallon’s shows are entertaining. You should stream some of them.

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[8] Late Business Bloomers 


Since I’ve been studying MBA, my brain is itching for a business. I want to have an online shop or a business, butttt I am still not sure on what to do. Haha. And besides, I am earning regularly on my freelance gigs. And I want to concentrate on that. Buttt, freelancing gives active income. Oh, Lord, guide me on what to do. :) I’ll wait for that perfect timing. It’s never late to start a hobby or a passion project anyway. Thanks to this article from Entrepreneur.

[9] A Follow up to #8

To be Successful, Do Only What Matters

Since I now have an idea on what I want to be and do in the future, I am currently cleaning up my current “roles”. I need to give up some soon. <3 I shouldn’t do everything. I wish this MBA course can contribute to my freelancing career + business someday.

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