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Welcome to another round of Brain Baits! It’s an avenue for you to be entertained, to indulge into some geekery, and to relax a bit. This week’s mix is eclectic — ranging from morbid to

[1] 9 things you start doing when you’re no longer fun

I can totally relate. I’ve become an introvert all the more. I was always an introvert, but there came a time when I was going out like every week. That was the time when boyfriend and I discovered each other. Haha. But, now, we’re back to being introverts.

Did you get to the end of the list? I am that person — concerned of the adult stuff. And that makes me boring. And I abhor drinking night sesh. I do give in sometimes. Like later, we’re off to a get-together dinner.

[2] Ed Sheeran Accepts Engagement Ring from a Fan 

The teenage fan apparently has cancer. Awww, isn’t he the sweetest?

[3] This simple cartoon humor

The others are as witty, but I liked this the most. Haha.

[4] Finally, Philippines. This is sort of like an Obama-care for the senior Pinoys


I was always always looking for my mother’s healthcare. She’s 60+, but she looks like she’s only 45 years old. Seriously. She is lovely.

But healthcare is just expensive. Good thing senior PhilHealth coverage is now mandatory. I need to work out the health care for my 2 aunts. I haven’t researched the specifics of this law yet, like how much will be the yearly coverage, what sickness are covered and you know, the rest of the healthcare stuff.

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[5] Depression as a person

This gave me chills. Agree with me here?

I’ve always been fascinated with open mic nights. Going to one is still in my bucket list.
[6] My quirky tita who made a buzz in the net.

A Filipina tourist wandered into Platia, a classy Greek restaurant in the small town of Druten in The Netherlands, over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see an etched portrait of Cherie Gil hanging on the wall.

Over dinner Noemi Katuin asked the waiter why the face of a Filipina actress appeared to be the centerpiece of Platia’s fancy interiors.

“No, that is Maria Callas, the famous opera singer,” the waiter told her.

“I then showed him the exact photo of Cherie from the internet,” Katuin shared on Facebook late Saturday.

“They were so stupefied to learn they commissioned for the wrong portrait and it’s been hanging here for 2 years! Now they want their money back from the artist who did it! Hahaha!” added Katuin, who posted a photo of herself posing beside the portrait.

Funny, eh?

[7] Tea.tanic

This is a cute tea infuser. You can browse a couple more styles here. I need one. I bought oolong tea a month ago. I had a hard time infusing it. Good thing there’s a little screen on the mouth of my water boiler.

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[8] Last Plate


I found this interesting. Last meals of people who were about to be killed because of the crimes that they have committed. Browse the other meals here.

[9] Hooray, Dad!

Just in time, right?! Funny, but it’s quite not. Good thing dads have fast reflexes.

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