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Brain Baits Vol. 6

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Welcome to another round of Brain Baits! It’s an avenue for you to be entertained, to indulge into some geekery, and to relax a bit. This week’s mix is rather random. As always.

[1] Excel shortcuts you could use everyday

I’m kind of an impatient person and I need to do things fast. So, this is for me. And for people like me. You can view this better here.

[2] Backyard Food Truck (to explore)

One afternoon months ago, we’ve stumbled upon a food truck sign and we peeked inside, but the place was still closed. Fortunately, I’ve come across Louise’s blog post about it and the place is hipster-ish with hanging LED lights and hanged artwrorks. Gonna check The Backyard FTC this week!

[3] Red Sea Crossing Evidence

Scientists  have found skeletons, armors and weapons at the bottom of the Gulf of Suez. They link it to the Biblical Exodus. Read this for more details.

[4] Microsoft let go of its 18,000 employees


Microsoft laid off its global advertising team.

Last Saturday, we have discussed this. (And I’ve read this article weeks ago). Our topic was ‘Forecasting’ and we have identified that laying off may be a result (countermeasure) of forecasting findings. Microsoft’s revenue is apparently going down, while its expenses is going up. So, they have to cut off people.

Another reason is redundancy. Microsoft acquired Nokia, resulting to people having similar roles. One of them needs to go.

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[5] Husky Raised as a Cat

Hilarious!! You should see the rest of the pictures here.
[6] FREE Stuff you can get today

There are still free stuff. My favorite which is included in this list of free things is books! I’ve been reading free books for a while now — Gone Girl and The MazeRunner books to name a few.

[7] Wanderlust in Frames

Why can’t we just travel for the rest of our lives?

I have traveled, but my experiences is like a ballpoint dot compared to others’. When I go travel someday, my pictures wouldn’t be like the everybody else’s. It will be tumblr-ish like these set of breathtaking snaps by a Canadian photographer named Elizabeth Gadd.

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[8] Prettiest young model 


This is 6-year old Kristina Pimenova, a Russian model. She is soo beautiful like an angel, eh? I bet it wouldn’t take you more pictures of her to convince you that this little lady is a dazzler.

[9] Book-related Emotions in GIFs

If you will notice, I’ve started writing book reviews again. But, ugh, my writing doesn’t impress. It’s way too mediocre. My wish is to be a wittier writer and maybe concoct book-related GIFs like these. To get there, I need a thousand more books to read.

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