gone girl

Gone Girl: A Book Review

Title: Gone Girl

Book Blurb:

Marriage can be a real killer.

On a warm summer morning in North Carthage, Missouri, it is Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary. Presents are being wrapped and reservations are being made when Nick’s clever and beautiful wife disappears from their rented McMansion on the Mississippi River.

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Book Genre: Adult, Mystery, Thriller

Lusters: ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼

[ Concept: 5/5 | Character Build-up: 5/5 | Execution: 5/5 | Writing Style: 5/5 ]

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Gone Girl  bored me on the first few pages. Maybe because I read it after finishing the books after The Maze Runner — Scorch Trials and Death Cure. Reading Gone Girl’s calm story introduction after a dystopian, action-packed book is not a good idea.

Nick was a stoic ass.

But, anyway, I pushed through since I can relate to Amy Dunne when she was still Diary Amy. (This is embarrassing, but I have to say this — for literary purposes). I was that girl who would ignore what I felt maybe because the boy would feel smothered that he’ll leave me. Nick was a stoic ass. If I haven’t broken up with the ex-boyfriend, I may be reading my future miserable life through this novel. If I stuck up with that kind of relationship, I could’ve turned into a psycho bitch.

Another reason which I’d like to make myself believe why I liked Amy because I am sort of like her — her brain is constantly full of thoughts, her brain doesn’t rest, she likes to do things to keep her mind busy. She’s very pretty (well, maybe except for this. haha) and everyone loves her (I can relate. Everybody loves me as I was told. I don’t like conflicts and I avoid them most of the time).

But they are poison to each other.

So, anyway, Amy and Nick were like this perfect, too-hot-for-each other couple. But they are poison to each other. You know, that passionate, violent, hurtful, twisted kind of love. Sort of like Damon-Elena kind of love — strong, powerful, uncontrollable… A destructive kind of love. The kind of love wherein you need the love that breaks you because without it, you’ll be broken. You’re broken, either way. That’s why it’s unhealthy.

Gone Girl is my kind of novel.

Gone Girl is my kind of novel. I like a psycho twisted read. At first, I was just going with the story, totally unattached. Because I was just curious. I was curious as to how my life would be if I haven’t let reality smack me in the face and I ended up with the ex. But, when I got to the revelation of the major twist (Amy is alive and she is planning everything), I smiled because I was entertained. (Please don’t think I’m a psycho).

I believed I was like Diary Amy for some time in my life.

So, Amy was not the Diary Amy. She thinks Diary Amy was pathetic and I kind of blushed and felt embarrassed because… I believed I was like Diary Amy for some time in my life. Anyway, the thing is, she planned all of it. She planned on her personalities! Scary, I know. She wears her personality like her clothes. (I can never be like that, FYI. So please, don’t be scared of me). And she carefully thought of her plan (of making Nick suffer) for months which stretched to a year. Oh, dear. For a person to do that? Anger doesn’t last that long.

She wanted Nick to suffer because she found out that Nick has a mistress — younger and prettier.

Yeah, so everything was planned. She disappeared into oblivion so that she goes missing and that her “murder” will be pinned on her husband. She even planned on her death if the plan goes well. She planned every single detail — all the evidences, all the faux scientific proofs which could prove her ‘lies’. She is evil, but she is brilliant and I loathe her and adore her at the same time.

My sympathy transferred to Nick and Go (Nick’s twin). I wanted Amy dead.

That hit Amy’s soft spot.

Nick was so stoic the whole time that he even projected a ‘happy’ Nick during the whole time his wife was missing. Plus, he has a mistress. So these are reasons which could justify him being suspect for Amy’s supposedly murder. But, when Nick knows Amy too well that he found out that she was playing him. She was alive. And, as her husband, he knows how to lure her in. He got all droopy and miserable for the public — and Amy — to see. That hit Amy’s soft spot. Since Amy was just doing everything to get Nick’s attention. At first, she wanted Nick to suffer so bad because he has treated her in a way that she doesn’t want to be treated. But, when Nick tricked her, she gave in.

She realized she still loves Nicky and wanted to go back into his arms. In the process, she has killed one person, explained every little piece of evidence to point out kidnapping and raping to that dead person (whom she called for help when her money stash for her hideaway was stolen). She had sex with that person just to prove her lies.

Pscyho. A total psycho.

Nick was planning on pressing charges, but he threw the plans that he had when he learnt that the sociopath was pregnant. He doesn’t want to be like his father (died in the story because of old age) who didn’t take good care of him and his family. His parents were divorced. He wanted a baby too bad and he wanted to be a good father.

In the end, she and Nick got back together because love is supposed to be like this — at least for twisted people.

Gone Girl Trailer

Gone Girl was made into a movie and started showing months ago. I have missed it though.

I’ll grab a copy and watch it soon.

Have you read Gone Girl?
Did you like it? Or have you watched the movie? I’m dying to know what you think about it.