Life Latterly

Latterly Vol. 01

Life Latterly


lat•ter•ly (ˈlæt ər li)


1. of late; lately.
2. in a later or subsequent part of a period.

3. a new Love is a Mutt blog series that is sort of like a fusion of Sunday Currently + Life Lately

READING // a list of words. I’m fishing words for ‘Latterly’. And I just finished Gone Girl. And I loved it to bits! Next up is Legend by Marie Lu as suggested by Nathalie when she saw my Mazerunner Book review. Can’t wait!

WRITING // this blog post. And a couple of blog posts lined up for this week.

LISTENING // to a happy playlist on YouTube.

ANTICIPATING // the birthday dinner later at a friend’s. It’s his baby’s 1st birthday. But, they have to cancel the real plan since the little baby was sick. Constipation. He’s okay now.

OBSESSING // over my blog now. I was busy I ignored my brain child for days.

DISSECTING // Gone Girl. I’m going to do a book review.

DEVISING // a plan on how to ditch everything else and just focus on writing. Kidding.

CHANNELING // my inner writer. I’m way behind my side hustle target this month because my brain is fried with everything else.

COOKING // steak. In my imagination. I wanted to get back to cooking that’s why I put ‘cooking’ in this list so I can cook at least during Sundays.

SMELLING // the scent of my boyfriend. (You must think I’m creepy.) I’m wearing his jacket because I left mine in the office.

WATCHING // The Vampire Diaries. (Last night.) I had a marathon. I just saw Damon and Bonnie stuck in another dimension. Interstellar. It was amazing since everything can be explained scientifically, but it’s not the movie you watch when you just want to chill out and eat sour cream popcorn.

WANTING // to finish my project. I want to finish everything before Christmas. I can!!!

THANKING // J for bringing me a bowl full of corn flakes. I added mini chips delight to it too.

OPENING // my e-mail and find nothing interesting.

NEEDING // another break. Last week was hell week. No rest day.

LEARNING // that I can’t do everything that I want to do.

SIDE HUSTLING // 2 assignments. Which I’m going to do later.

SAVING // for Christmas, my healthcare plan and my tuition. Can I do it?

AVOIDING // unnecessary expenditures

ROLLING MY EYES ON// how fast time flies during the weekend

CLICKING // on some blogs for inspiration

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How about you? How was your life lately?
Feel free to join me in this Latterly series.