Latterly Vol. 02



lat•ter•ly (ˈlæt ər li)


1. of late; lately.
2. in a later or subsequent part of a period.

3. a new Love is a Mutt blog series that is sort of like a fusion of Sunday Currently + Life Lately

[1] New nike, glittering Zumba shoes
[2] Tissue box at Yaddlie Chicken  
[3] Fascinating plant I found outside Bag of Beans Tagaytay
[4] Buffet Lunch + Manny Pacquiao fight last Sunday
[5] Our Malaysian Guava blossoming
[6] Foodtruck Community Entrance (Soon on the blog)
[7] Buntings all over our street
[8] Feather display at Yaddlie
[9] Healthy lunch at work
READING // Prodigy by Marie Lu. Last 30 pages.

WRITING // this blog post. And my bitter heart out.

LISTENING // to the hum of the aircon.

ANTICIPATING // Christmas. Next year. I just can’t feel the spirit this year. Effing project.

OBSESSING // over how I can make time fly so fast. =/

DISSECTING // my life. On the plans that I have for the next next year.

DEVISING // a plan on how to teach my mind to focus on the things that I need to do. Hang on, self. We got one more year until freedom.

CHANNELING // my inner God’s daughter. Went to church today. :) I should be positive.

COOKING // portabello fries. In my imagination.

SMELLING // lingering smell of buffalo wings on my fingers. Food is the easiest drug you can abuse.

WATCHING // The Hobbit and the Desolation of Smaug last night. After we hit the foodtruck community! Oh year. My Saturday night rocked, eh?

WANTING // to finish my project. I am dreading everything at work.

THANKING // J for bringing me a bowl full of grapes. See Latterly Vol.01 on what food he delivered to my “work station” in my room. Haha. Thanking him for listening to my endless rants about how we need to work.

OPENING // my eyes to reality. I might not be able to fly home for Christmas, but I can’t have Christmas without my mom, so I shall file a leave.

NEEDING // another serious break. Last week was hell-er week.

LEARNING // that I can’t do things perfectly. Huhu.

SIDE HUSTLING // 1 assignment. Which I had just finished.

SAVING // for Christmas, my healthcare plan and my tuition. Yes, still.

AVOIDING // dreadful thoughts about work.

ROLLING MY EYES ON// how stupid I was for not going after my dreams when I had the chance!! And now, I am stuck with my ^(*#% consequences. Note to self and to you: If you don’t like doing something, QUIT DOING IT! ASAP. No amount of money or whatever “stuff” can make up for you sticking on doing it. YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS ADVICE!

CLICKING // on table because it’s past 1 am and I am not sleepy. I slept the entire day and read Prodigy to “escape reality”.

So, yeah. You wouldn’t be seeing a couple of blog posts in a while because I am busy. Oh, but Ultimate Frisbee (last game stats: 1 score and 4 or 5 blocks!) and Zumba makes my work weeks bearable. <3

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How about you? How is your life lately?
Feel free to join me in this Latterly series.