Yadllie Chicken on SM Dasma

Yadllie Chicken: New Chicken House on The Block

Yadllie Chicken on SM Dasma

J and I spotted a new chicken house in SM Dasmarinas. We were supposed to watch a movie and eat sour cream pop corn (again. Just how many times have I reiterated my fondness for sour cream pop corn in this blog?) when we remembered that it’s Monday. This means a new ‘The Walking Dead’ episode.

So, we gave up the movie + pop corn option in favor of eat out and watch The Walking Dead. I enjoyed the idea since it was a while since our last eat out. Besides, we love trying out new food. So, Yadllie Chicken it is. This is a Korean restaurant which launched last Nov. 17th hence the balloons and flowers.

I tried googling ‘Yadllie Chicken’ and I found out that Korean Agro-Fisheries and and Food Trade Corp. attended a trade show in Makati last year and they have chosen Philippines as one of the most important markets in South East Asia and we ranked No. 1. Yipeee! :) Here’s the Press Release that I saw on their website.

“The Philippines is a really important market in South East Asia, with much potential. Korean culture is well accepted in the Philippines, there is a large Korean community, so for any brands that can open in the Philippines. I won’t be surprised if they can double their business. Korean products are becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines. We need to continue with our efforts to ensure the safety and quality of our products so the consumers can enjoy the same great taste they know and enjoy,” he said.

Have to include this since I am quite conscious of the markets since I’m an MBA student and an associate financial planner. We eat case studies on Saturdays.

The Interior

You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

Anyway, the resto name sounds familiar though. It’s a Korean resto apparently. When we entered, I kind of expected that there is a menu plastered on top of the cashier entrance. But no. When I told J about this, he told me that the impression that they’re trying to establish is that they’re a restaurant and not just a fastfood. So that kind of explains why they’re lacking that. They have a menu instead. You’ll see the menu when you scroll downwards.

The KPOP-ness is apparent on the handrawn-styled graphics near the wall’s entrance. Also, the colors are bright and the interior is modern. You could even find electrical outlets on the bar-styled tables. The presence of these suggests to the customers that they can stay for a while. Maybe bring their laptops in and eat kimchi while blogging or studying? Sounds inviting?

Food + Drinks

You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

Let’s move to the important part — the food!

The chicken may look plain, but they are oh so delicious! Seriously. The outer crispiness and flavor reminds me of Bon Chon and the look reminds me of Manang’s Chicken. But, Yadllie Chicken is like 5x better.

We ordered our chicken in Spicy Teriyaki and Welsh Garlic. The Spicy Teriyaki is really hot that I need to gulp in the apple juice and make the ice cubes stay in my mouth to drive the hotness away. On the other hand, the Welsh Garlic chicken tasted like Lays potato chips. It’s like eating chips in meat form. In other words, the flavors seep in through the skin. No boring bite, I can guarantee. The Bon Chon is promising on the outside only. Once you bite your way into the meat part, all the flavors disappear. And that isn’t satisfying.

The rice was Korean-ish too. A little stickier and tastier.

The reason why Yadllie Chicken is perfectly fried is because:

  • Chickens are domestic and are only 35-day olds.
  •  3 Steps to Perfection Cooking Secret
    • 7 Minutes of High-Temperature,Pressure Frying
    • 6 Minutes of Deep Frying
    • Skin Brushing of  Special Sauce


Yadllie Chicken Menu

You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

What we had was a Small Meal which was composed of 2-piece chicken, rice and apple iced tea. It costs Php 190.00 each, a little expensive for me.

They offer a lot of Korean dishes too like Kimchi. You can check out the menu above for the available food from this resto.

The Verdict

I’d definitely come back again,  but maybe a few months after because it’s a little pricey for me. I also would want to try the aloe vera juice and the kimchi. And the beer battered fries. 




Value for Money

Yadllie Chicken

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