Goodbye 2014

Adieux, 2014

The year 2014 is coming to an end and I just had the time to write a year ender blog post.

Right now, I am here sitting in the garden of our little abode. I’m in my hometown! I have set up my blogging area here so I can sit with my dogs while doing my thing. I smell like them too as of the moment. But, I really don’t care. This is how my happy smells.

Anyway, looking back, 2014 is my best year yet! As for the why, you need to continue reading.


I spent my February to May in Limerick, a quiet little city in Ireland. I went there for work, but of course, we haven’t forgotten to have fun.  We visited a few counties and cities. Among all those lovely experiences, here are my favorites:

If you want to take a look at my blog entries during that time, you can follow my Lost in Limerick Series.


When I went back from Ireland, I headed home to my hometown to be with my family. J tagged along. Then, we had a Boracay summer in June. I never got to post a lot of the pictures because I stored them in my Samsung pink lappy which had broken down when water spilled on it. Bummer. I can still access the pictures though. The screen is splitted into two. The memory’s intact, I guess. And mom is bugging me as to where I’ve kept the pictures. I’ll probably upload it when I get my hands on my pink lappy again.



I said goodbye to Blogger last August. I switched to WordPress. I was happier ever since! There’s just so much more that you can do with WordPress. I have also vowed not to change my layout, ( I was a serial blog layout changer) but I wasn’t successful until two weeks ago. Apparently, my website caught some virus. And I kind of panicked when a spammed link displays on my url without the www. I figured it was on the theme and I was right. I tried a new theme and I fell in love with it. So, there’s no coming back. I’ve kept a few touches though. ;)


Last year, I have been consistently earning from my writing gigs. It’s only this year when I raised the bar. I worked with my target hourly and fixed rates. I know that I need to work more with my writing. I have to learn a lot. I got the inspiration from Celine. Just subscribing on her e-mail did wonders on my mind setting and approach to clients.

I am beginning to take this seriously, as with blogging. I am just thankful that this year, my focus on my freelancing career haven’t wavered. Though I got some lie low weeks because of work and school. A significant portion of my cash flow now is being sourced from freelancing at time frame which is like an eight of the day job hours. This is really something.


I bought a Nikon D5200 when I got back. Because I realized that not taking pictures is pretty lame. Lol. I have been wanting a DSLR ever since I got into blogging because I want drool-worthy pictures. Now, I can make this wish come true. I only need to practice more. To start with, I am using Manual Mode on my snaps lately. Thanks to J who would share to me his DSLR 101. J also bought a GoPro Hero 3+, but we haven’t had superb adventures yet.

This year, I have started ironing out the finance aspect of my life. The emergency fund was complete until I needed it. I started building it up and I have triumphed. I have completed the first year of my healthcare investment. I have opened up several mutual fund accounts. I attempted stock market trading, but then I raised the white flag because I don’t have the ample time to study and monitor it. I still kept my account and kept up with the blue chips. I’m also allotting more on the mutual funds because it’s convenient.

As for the business, I have ideas on what to do, but I am not convinced with my business plan. Heck, I am always caught up with work. I’ll work on the business side next year.


I am on my 3rd semester of MBA classes. I must confess that I am having second thoughts in completing the course. A few professors convinced me to stay. Uhm, no I didn’t talk to them about this doubt. The way they teach and the way they think inspires me so I kind of felt like being talked into staying. It’s a good thing that I always get one teacher who I like each semester.

I was also blessed with brilliant and warm classmates. See, in graduate school, your classmates matter as you will have lots of discussions and occasionally, healthy arguments. You actually learn from them.


I made new friends this year! And I usually don’t. So, this is a good year for friendship.

Of course, my family and dogs are always there standing by me. Yes, I am full of love.



My year’s theme was DreamCatcher. And I can say that I have actually nailed it. I’ve chased after things that I want and I am intensely happy that I did what I have done. I already kind of figured out what I want in my life for now. 2014 has been my year of reflection. I’ve done some research, rooted inspiration on lots of successful people on the field of my choice.

On what it’s about — I’ll leave you hanging. You will eventually know. When the time is right. It’s not a one-night step of getting there. That’s why I’m giving myself time to prepare for it physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. This is one of the reasons why 2015 is my Year of Transitions.