High Top Nike Sneakers

How I’d Wear My Sparkly High Top Nike Sneakers

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High Top Nike Sneakers

A few weeks ago, I splurged on these sneaker babies.

*Retweet when you agree! The other expensive shoes I have is the cosmic Nike Cleats which I wear for my Ultimate Frisbee games. Here.

Cosmic love. Gotta buy this long-coveted sneaks at 20%! #cosmic #cleats #ultimatefrisbee

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Lovely, eh??? But, when I do buy them, they’re always on a 20% or more discount! wink

So, anyway, I am not fond of heels. I prefer flats, floral boots and these sparkly sneakers. I’d also kill for a floral high top one.

I only have like 4 pairs of shoes right now. Haha. I am no fashionista too, so I am kind of ‘lost’ as how I would style my entire outfit to fit these sparkly high tops.

The reason why I bought this pair is because I need Zumba shoes! I wore it for Zumba and boy they are so comfortable. I always have my groove on when I wear them. But, everybody noticed it the first day that I used them to work. They also said they know that it’s me when I dance Zumba because my feet sparkles.

I want to maximize these shoes. That’s why I made this post. To teach me and share with you how one could wear high top sneakers. You could also give me a tip on how I could pull off one fab outfit with these.



I went to Pinterest and I have identified see high top fashion pegs!


  • Plain top and leggins/jeggings
  • Top should be loose and sleeveless to counter off the ‘monoton-ity’ of the top + leggings


  • Little black dress
  • Lady-like until you get to the shoes. My style. Not sure if this will work with the sparkly ones. Will it?


  • Frilly, girly dresses
  • Again, lady-like until you get to the shoes. But I’m not sure if I can pull off this off


  • Shorts, sporty top and a jacket (hah, I can nail this one)
  • Leggings over sneakers
  • My only problem with this one would be the colors. Maybe I should have bought the gray one (But it was stiffer and smaller)


  • Rugged denim look.
  • Easiest style that I have also considered.


Let’s get to my main agenda. Since I will be using these shoes for Zumba purposes, I have to have sufficient workout outfit inspirations. These are my favorites:


  • My favorite workout style (swoon)
  • Loose outer top over an inner body-hugging top
  • Comfortable leggings

I already wore a similar outfit during the previous Zumba sesh, but I need to wear a jacket because we’re not in a gym. And it’s a little chilly outside.


  • Pedal pusher types of bottoms
  • Top not considered though. I still have a large belly.


  • I first saw this type of sweatpants from Mich of Jamich. I like it! But I’m not sure where to get them.
  • Not sure if these would look good on chubby women (like me) though. I’d still want to give it a try.


  • Overlarged sweatpants
  • I imagine me wearing it. I’m still contemplating if my chubby legs would betray me if I give this look a shot.


  • Cool post-work out get up.
  • This made me want to go back to pedal pushers.

Which of these looks appeal to you the most?
Do you have high top sneakers? How do you wear them? Did this post make you want to buy a pair?