Cat with only one eye showing

Snapping Cats

Cat looking

I just have made a discovery in photography!

I discovered… that cats are easy subjects. Maybe because they’re vain and they love the attention? They love posing for the camera.

If you know me in person, you can easily tell that I’m more of a dog person than a cat person. But… when it comes to photography. I love cats more!

Because dogs are just difficult to tame during snap time. They would go to your lap and play with you.

But cats? Hah! They’d allow you to capture their beauty.

Here are enough proof.

This a toddler cat, I think. She’s kind of scared of me. But still, she remained still for a couple of seconds.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

This cat is a sleephyhead. I love how her colors complemented the black chair she is sitting on. (I wasn’t sure if she was a she. I just pretended.)

Click on the picture for a larger view.

And oh, this reminds me of my previous relationship thoughts — If you’re in a relationship, you’re either the cat or the dog. You can reverse roles sometimes, but there would always be that dominating role that each of you play. I’m the cat! For sure. How about you? You can find out through this post. Read it so you would know what I mean.

What is/are your favorite photography subject/s?
Do you love taking pictures of animals like I do? Or do you prefer snapping pics of your breakfast?