2015 Journal Planner and Workbook for Creative Go-Getters

The Perfect 2015 Journal Planners for Creative Go-Getters

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This translates to attributing orgasmic feels upon setting sight on ballpoint pens, stacked books, blank notebooks, fountain pen scratching lightly on quality paper.

However, this year, I haven’t bought a journal yet. Two years ago, I bought a Paolo Coehlo planner in September! Last year, I bought the Day Keeper Journal. This year? I was too busy with life.

Until I came across Leonie Dawson’s website. I eventually learned that she is selling digital and printed journals which are kind of empowering according to the testimonials. She’s selling these:

These powerful 2015 journal planners slash workbooks are being used by over 40,000 women to help them dream their biggest dreams and actually make those happen.

Here are my reasons for buying these:

  • I am working on the life that I want to live
  • I haven’t used up my previous journals. I’m more of a digital person.
  • I am obsessed with setting goals
  • I am planning to put up a business in the near future
  • I want to make 2015 my best year yet

I bought the Life + Biz Workbook, a 2 in 1 package with a 10% discount!

My Purchase Inclusions

I paid via Paypal and I got my digital 2015 journal planner downloadables in a jiffy! I got an e-mail from Leonie which includes links for the following:

 Create Your Shining Year 2015 Calendar

A colorful monthly calendar for all your travel vacations, freelancing schedules, conferences to go to and the rest of your errands.

 2015 Life e-Workbook

A workbook for your creative, financial, bucket list, career, health and wellness goals. You’ll also learn how to manage your time if you’re playing a tons of roles in your life and a lot more.

 2015 Biz e-Workbook

A workbook for your marketing, blogging, social media, money and profit goals. You’ll also be able to brainstorm on mapping out new income streams, your business mission statement and all that biz.

What’s Inside Teaser

The best part about this workbook is that it is digital! You can edit it as you go and save it. My major goals could go there. I could integrate it with my Weekly Wishes and Monthly Goals blog posts. I have scanned the workbooks and here are the parts that I love the most!

★ Looking Back at 2014


As what I have learned this year about my goal-setting, goals need to be reviewed. I always make it a point to check whether I had been successful in achieving my goals. The other goals get cancelled because of my plans. Other goals pop up as I go.

So anyway, that’s what I liked about this journal is that it allotted a space for reviewing your 2014 goals.

★ Financial Planning


I’m a financial junkie.  I used to be a budget-jot down kind of millennial until work and graduate studies came along. Now, I do invest regularly. My emergency fund is like 95% finished. I’m saving for some big things next year. That’s why this 2015 Workbook is perfect — it has a section for the finances.

★ Spreading good vibes for 2015


I started theme-ing my year last year. Thanks to Arriane. Last year’s concept was Dreamcatcher. It was the year of realizing what I really wanted to do with my life. With this journal, I am given the opportunity to figure out what I want 2015 to become. :) I already have an idea in mind. Will share before 2014 ends!

★ Monthly Goals Section


I started with Bucket Lists, but most actions remain as is, not being scratched out, not being attained. So I started refreshing them during my birthday. I would have this Birthday Wishes a.k.a. Yearly Goals about the things that I want to do for this year (the start of which is my birthdate of that year). It’s like a second New Year for me.  Then, I started the Weekly Wishes and the Monthly Goals.

The journal would have that space — a monthly goals section. For things that can’t be posted online. Of course, my online life is just part of the picture. I can’t tell all. :)


My Expectations Action Items 

This is another investment which I believe will pay off. So, I am already looking at the returns of these workbooks. Here are some of the things which I should be getting with the help of these workbooks. Self, better get your butt working on these.

★ Triple online monthly income

★ Act on the REAL dream

★ Improve blogging career

★ Nail down the things on my lists

★ Be more like the person that my God and myself want me to be

If you’re like a go-getter like me, then let’s pledge to our dreams. Join me in believing that we are empowered to live the life that we desire. Let’s start by spreading the good vibes through twitter:

If you want to figure out your dreams and create your plan of actions, then you’d better buy these

Life + Biz 2015 Journal Planners 

and start planning your fabulous life!