Blogging + Life Goals for 2015

Blogging + Life Goals for 2015

Blogging + Life Goals for 2015

This is a goal setting link-up by My So-Called Chaos which I joined because: (1) I need to see the bigger picture and (2) I need to align my to-do lists with my ultimate goal — create my own dream job and live life to the fullest– the fastest way possible!

Hello, there!

I don’t do goal-setting at the start of every year, I only do these yearly theme-ups and birthday goal setting, but this year, I cannot seem to move forward without identifying my goals for the year. I have grown accustomed to setting my goals monthly, weekly and even daily (at work) and it seems that I cannot start on anything without doing the list first.

This is so OC, but the effect it has on me is tremendously brilliant — I get to accomplish more when I declare my goals. So yes, I am doing a goal setting this year! This is going to be long!

Yahoo! Let’s start.

Blogging + Life Goals For 2015


On My Faith 

Get back to reading the bible and daily meditations. Set time for prayer and going to church.

I got of slipped out of my bible reading last year. I was doing so well though. I do not know what happened. :(

On Blogging 

Increase LIAM’s subscribers, especially the newsletter subscribers.

As of this writing, I now have 3,334 followers! I am growing the list. The money is on the list, they say. They say to keep your list growing. You just need them someday. I have lots of BIG plans for this blog, but I cannot seem to execute it nicely. Maybe because of the many things that I have to juggle. I haven’t sent out a single newsletter yet, which brings me to my next sub-goal.

Purchase e-mail newsletter software. 

Gawd, that has been in my goals since 2 months ago, but I can’t bring myself to do this because I still don’t have a stable plan as to what newsletter and content to send out. I do know that I will need it this year. I’m torn between Sendy and Mail Chimp. Sendy is quite a catch, I tell you. I’m still on the research phase.

Increase social media quality followers and blog ranks.

My followers is growing. My twitter followers is sort off authentic. I sort of discovered how to gain twitter followers the right way. I just don’t know how to sustain them. This year, I want to gain readership and following. To make this goal a concrete one, I have to set the goal by the numbers. I have used spoilers (the click on thingies below) so you would be spared of looking at a bunch of numbers. You can click on them if you really want to know. ;)


Total Subscribers
Newsletter Subscribers
Blog Ranks

Page Rank
Global Alexa Rank
PH Alexa Rank
TopBlogs PH Lifestyle
TopBlogs PH Finance
Modest Money Top Finance Blogs

Increase blog pageviews and decrease bounce rate.

I used to have a lot of pageviews back in my blogger blog, but when I transferred to a self-hosted WordPress last August, the pageviews fell a little. I am not sure which one is the accurate one, but no bother. I am going to raise that up again. There’s always a difference between the trackers anyway. My bounce rate, that I have maintained.

So, let’s go to the numbers.


Monthly Pageviews
Bounce Rate

Nurture blogging relationships.

Not so long ago, I have met two blogger friends in person. I have collaborated with brands and I have written for a local business’ blog. I want to do more of that this year. It would surely take time, but I am starting with my close blogging friends. And I would send guest post proposals. I am also planning to join a move which aims to collect a 100 rejection letters. I’m keeping tabs on it for now.

Build a LIAM Calendar and only publish time-worthy posts. 

I used to just scribble my thoughts and publish it here. But now, I want to make each post worthy of people’s time. A post where they can learn from or a post which can trigger their emotions.

On Entrepreneurial Explorations & Side Hustling 

Get an idea for a business and launch by the second end of the year.

This has been on the last months of my list last year. I was thinking of an online business like selling stuff, but I just can’t seem to get it right. So, I am giving myself time to think. I want more sources of income. This year is for brainstorming. :)

I am sort of successful in my writing online, but I want to sell more than just my writing skills. I am thinking a more passive way. Good luck to me. I want to venture into website design and art. I have to try!

Treat my freelance writing as a business. 

I have been reading freelancing blogs and one thing that I have learned is that to be successful, you have to stop treating your freelance writing as a hobby, but as a business. I have read our very own Celine Roque and Samar and I have learned a lot just by reading their blogs. There’s no bullshit about what they write. Once you apply what they write, you can see wonders.

Last year was a great year. I have found clients outside oDesk and I have sent my very first invoice! I am going to make 2015 the best year yet for my freelancing career.

On My Freelance Writing Career 

Get more quality clients. 

I have managed to keep two lovely clients from last year to this year. I have been working with them for months now and I am working at a rate that I am comfortable with. My goal is to add another one.

Enhance freelance writing skills. 

I want to enhance my advanced grammar skills and copywriting skills. I have to just read. The internet has a lot to offer. I have enrolled in a couple of free online courses, but again, I don’t finish them.

Build a portfolio. 

I have attempted to build one, but boy I am always busy. This year, I am going to work on shitloads in order to have a worthy portfolio late this year!

Guest post. 

Okay, I am starting to reach out to people online to collaborate with them. Make a list of blogs that I want to write on and send them a pitch. This is going to be tough, but I am willing to do it.

Reach target goal. 

I am setting a target goal income for this year. It’s a little aggressive, but I hope this aggressiveness will push me through. I’d like to make it personal so I am not going to post the actual amount in here. 

On Finances 

Don’t miss a monthly top up.

I am pretty impressed with myself and the boyfriend last year. We have managed to reach 80% of our target budget for a special project. We have finished our emergency fund. I am keeping a portion for my retirement monthly. But we have more plans, not just for ourselves but for our families as well. So, we should, as much as possible, don’t miss a monthly top up.

Build a solid financial plan. 

I have been working on this for the past year and a half. I have bought a long-term healthcare. Set up my retirement fund. Opened a short-term money market. But, I still believe I have lots to learn. That’s why I am creating a solid plan this year and I am going to attend IMG seminars again.

Teach at least 5 people financial literacy.

This is my weakness. I try to get out of people’s personal space, but I want to help people. Investing is just part of a plan. There’s just so much to learn. I am going to start with my cousin and family. Wish me luck?

On Health & Fitness 

Keep fit and healthy.

It’s the usual thing — eat vegetables and fruits. I would also want to continue doing Zumba and maybe some core exercises at home. Run twice a month. Play frisbee if there’s a game in the office. I’d also like to cook our own meals. But, I am always too tired to do it. I’ll try on weekends.

On Personal Development & Creative Pursuits 

Read at least 35 books. No genre specified.

My initial Goodreads challenge said 50, but I figured I couldn’t keep up with it given my plans this year. I reduced the number to 35 — that would be like 3 books a month. I already finished 1 this month. Maybe I’ll put up a blog post involving this challenge. And maybe I should provide a list of books. Researching what book to read after finishing one book eats up time.

Pursue watercolor, lettering & calligraphy. 

I bought art pens the last time I was in Limerick. I wanted to doodle, but guess how many doodles I made last year! Only 2. Haha. This year, I hope I could get something out of my old-new hobbies. Why old-new? I love lettering back in high school! My classmates would always ask me to do a lettering or two for them. I was way way too creative back then. Then, engineering happened. T_T Now, I am getting that back.

Continue taking pictures.

I am kind of proud to admit that I can already do manual shooting using my Nikon D5200! Thanks to J who taught me. I use my own pictures on most blog posts now. I want to have a macro lens since I love taking pictures of food and close up shots of basically everything. How I wish J and I already have a car so we could just take on a road trip and take nice pictures.

On Graduate School & Work 

Do best at work.

I just have to do my best at work and finish the projects assigned to me. Nothing more.

Finish 2 semesters this year.

I’m close to finishing my 3rd semester. Then, I am going to skip a semester because I have to do something in my life. Then, I am going back again. I really really hope that I can finish this MBA.

On Wanderlusting 

Visit 2 or 3 new places this year.

We have a schedule for a travel on March! Then, friends are asking us to go with them on February or May, but I bet we can’t. Given my lousy schedule and loaded plans this year, I doubt that I can insert travel in the list. This year wouldn’t be a time for travel, but it can be a time for wanderlusting planning. :)

 On Giving Back to the World 

Do charity avenues.

It can be small like giving biscuits to people on the streets. Or lending slippers to kids on the streets. I am not sure on how to do this, but I’ll be looking for organizations to join or even just donate.

 On a Special Project 

I can’t say it here yet, but you guys will know! :)

I hope we can pull this one off!

Have you listed your 2015 Blogging + Life Goals yet?   Care to share them?