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Brain Baits Vol. 07

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Welcome to another round of Brain Baits! This is the first for 2015!

And since this is a year-opener Brain Bait Edition, you will find links which will inspire you and motivate you towards achieving your goals… links to challenges which might interest you… links to communities which could help you form a new habit or start a new hobby…

Read on!

[1] Even famous people do lists


Celebrated people in the past even had New Year’s Resolutions. You’d be quite surprised as to what items are included. One vowed to turn to reading as an escape from writing. The other swear to take a bath and change socks. Find out who these people are.

[2] Pope Francis’ New Year’s list

Our charismatic pope Francis who is visiting the Philippines soon encouraged to not be afraid of forever (saying yes to marriage) and seeing the sick in the flesh. It’s time we borrow some, if not all, of the items from his NY resolutions.

[3] Marsala. No, not the place. The color.

Marsala is the color of 2015. Guess which color it is on the picture above.

It’s the color of the almost-maroon macarons and… it’s the color of my blog!!! The shade close to maroon. So does this mean this year is my blog’s year?! I hope so. I’m thinking of using this color for my wedding. That would be fab eh??

Get to know more about the color of the year from Pantone here.

[4] If you’re lazy, here are the NY Resolutions for you.

I don’t mean to tolerate your laziness this early, I just want you to well laugh a little. Here are resolutions for the slackers (like me on some days). You’ll have a fun time browsing. I promise.

[5] And if you’re still lazyyyy to generate your own resolutions, well I have a solution for that

New Year Resolutions Generator ★

You’re welcome.

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[6] Seriously now, here are New Year Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

★ 9 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Entrepreneur ★

Because I believe that we all should be entrepreneurs in some ways. And oh, if you’re working on your financial goals, you might want to learn how to create financial goals effectively.

[7] Sustain your goals and plans by following these tips in forming a habit

First tip is to make your habits soooo easy that you can’t say no. On the contrary to dreaming big, you can chop off this BIG dreams into tiny tiny tiny pieces so it’ll look easy. 

Trust me, you’ll badly need these tips.

[8] Stay focused too. Here’s how.

Oh gawd, typography melts my heart!

See, I have a terrible focus. That’s why I need this list of tips so I can focus on my goals.

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[9] Lastly, just a rant. Joseph Gordon Levitt is now married!

Why, baby, why? It wasn’t even 3 months when you stopped dating me.

Ugh. But his girlfriend, errr, wife is a CEO of a Silicon-based Robotics Company. Okay, I’ll shut up. I’ll let you google her.

In case you’ve noticed, yes, the last item was totally unrelated.

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