Life Lately

Latterly Vol. 03

Life Lately


lat•ter•ly (ˈlæt ər li)


1. of late; lately.
2. in a later or subsequent part of a period.

3. a new Love is a Mutt blog series that is sort of like a fusion of Sunday Currently + Life Lately

[1] Tea, forgot what flavor
[2] Tomato and Chili Baskets outside a resto
[3] Sparkling lights @ a videoke bar
[4] Paris cookie from a friend
[5] Bike decor inside a resto
[6] Baked oysters (yum!)
[7] Woven placemat and coaster
[8] New Year Typo by yours truly
[9] Cupcakes which aren’t so great

READING // The Storied Life of A.J. Firky

WRITING // this blog post. And my sad heart out.

LISTENING // to The Cure for Loneliness Playlist in Spotify

ANTICIPATING // the arrival of my boyfriend. I’m in the airport and it’s 2:01 AM and I refuse to go home alone.

OBSESSING // over how it’s been 5 years of work and I still haven’t worked on my moving my mom and dogs to where I am right now.

DISSECTING // my 2015 goals.

DEVISING // a plan on how to solve this homesickness. My mom should move in with me. Next year.

CHANNELING // my inner sleepyhead. I cannot sleep. Maybe because of the coffee?

COOKING // nothing.

SMELLING // coffee and the airport air. I’ve been sitting in this cafe for hours.

WATCHING // my Facebook page and silently succumbing in sorrow. I just miss home.

WANTING // to hug my dogs right now I could cry.

THANKING // God for allowing me to see my why’s — vacation was really moving this year. Apparently because my mom gave thanks to the past year when she was supposed to just say grace before meals. Everybody (my biological and non-biological family, but family nonetheless) was moved to tears and I was not. I fought the tears back. Hah. Mom (my legal, lovely mom) remarked that I was the rock-hardest. Apparently, all my siblings (1 brother + 2 sisters, I’m the youngest) shed a tear or two. We’re complete this year (They’re working abroad). Oh, yes, I am adopted. I knew it ever since so there’s no drama. 

OPENING // my eyes to the harsh, bitter reality. Gawd, I am going back to work.

NEEDING // another holiday break! Please?!?!?!

LEARNING // that holidays, unfortunately, do end.

SIDE HUSTLING // nothing. I’m gonna start working the day after tomorrow.

SAVING // for the credit card pay. Holidays. Oh well.

AVOIDING // dreadful thoughts about work this year.

ROLLING MY EYES ON// how I am not sleep at this hour. I’m hungry by the way. Haven’t eaten dinner. I just don’t have the appetite. (Drama portion)

CLICKING // on some links for the Monday Brain Baits.

I’m sorry if this post kind of made you feel nega vibes. I just miss home. I’m gonna cry now. Oh, airports and holidays.

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How about you? How is your life lately?
Feel free to join me in this Latterly series.