January 2015 Goals

Monthly Goals # 5 {January 2015}

Monthly Goals

This is a monthly blog link-up by My So-Called Chaos which I joined because: (1) I need to see the bigger picture and (2) I need to align my to-do lists with my ultimate goal — create my own dream job and live life to the fullest– the fastest way possible!

Hello, there!

It’s 2015! How was your first few days of the year? Mine involved lounging around and cleaning up my apartment. Whew. Today’s my last day of vacation. Tomorrow, I’ll be back to the bitter reality. You know, work. But oh well, let’s not let the negativity reign, shall we?

I had a fabulous 2014. The most important thing that I have figured out last year was the thing/s that I want to do in life and how I am supposed to achieve those. And this year, as i have declared, will be my year of Transition. I can’t wait for finally achieving one of my biggest dreams in life.

So, before I can get that huge catch, I have to deal with my everyday stuff. This brings me to my December goals. Let’s see how I fared!

LEGEND:  [★] Nailed This!         [☆] Failed This/Not Yet Started      [※] Kind of started/Half-Done        [–] Cancelled This!

December 2014 Goals Recap

…On My Faith

[☆] Get back to reading the bible.

…On Blogging

[※] Blog should be flawless. Links working. Pages updated. Blog posts categorized.

[※] Plan for Love is a Mutt 2015

[※] Decide on the newsletter.

…On Entrepreneurial Explorations

[–] Reflect on an online project. Build business plan.

…On Side Hustling/Freelance Writing Career

[★] Earn at least $100.00 on the sides. (For next month’s cc!)

[※] Read more freelance writing materials 

 …On Finances

[★] Create a tangible financial plan. 

 …On Health & Fitness

[※]  Eat healthy. Drink tea.

 …On Personal Development

[☆] Finish two books

[★] Enjoy Christmas break!! Spend quality time with mom, dogs, family and friends!

 …On School + Work 

[★] BREAKKK! YahooO!!!

SCORE: 6.5/11 or 59%. Ugh. I gotta raise that to 90% next month!

January 2015 Goals

…On My Faith

[☆] Get back to reading the bible.

…On Blogging

[☆] Publish at least 15 posts

[☆] Make new blogger friends

…On Side Hustling/Freelance Writing Career

[☆] Earn at least $200.00 on the sides.

[☆] Read more freelance writing materials. 

 …On Finances

[☆] Monthly Top Ups

[☆] Open new MF’s

 …On Health & Fitness

[☆]  Eat healthy. Drink tea.

[☆]  Zumba

 …On Personal Development & Creative Pursuits

[☆] Finish two books

[☆] Buy a basic calligraphy set

[☆] More watercolor practice

[☆] Weekly blog round up of art!

 …On Graduate School & Work 

[☆] Release project

[☆] Pay for tuition

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Do you also love setting goals? Are you a sucker of lists?

It’s the first week of the month and let’s keep our eyes on our targets. To make sure that your to-do lists coincide  with your big dreams, join us in setting our Monthly Goals!