Sell Marsala Fashion Pieces on Lamido

Hey. You ready for a secret?

A little voice is telling me that this year will be a marvelous year for your business endeavors if you…

start selling Marsala Fashion pieces on Lamido

Picturing out money coming in at the start of the year? Doing a business in a world of fashion. This is a side hustle which you can’t resist.

Hush now. Here are the deets.

Why Marsala?

Seriously? You are asking that question?

It’s because Marsala is the color of 2015, honey. Pantone said so.

Marsala is that deep red, tasteful color of wine. It’s that hue on the lips and nails in the picture above. It’s the color of my blog. It’s the color of my favorite sweaters.

The color is flattering on any skin tone and it is effortlessly sophisticated. You’ll be instantly chic. Besides, people would want a new wardrobe piece in the year’s official color. It’s believed to bring some good luck.

By the way, if you want to get my look, you can refer to this:

Marsala Winter

Fashion ought to be timely. So you got to sell fashion items in Marsala this year.

Just look at these fab Marsala finds that I have stumbled upon Lamido!

[1] Kristenglam Rosary Fashion Bracelet (5pcs) | Php500.00 on Lamido

[2] Fashionable Floral Maxi Dress | Php900.00 on Lamido

[3] Fashionable Tops for Women | Php230.00 on Lamido

Why on Lamido?


If you still don’t know, Lamido is the Philippine’s #1 marketplace for selling and buying various products on the Internet. Lamido enables you to interact sellers and buyers from the same city or from any region in the Philippines. You could easily send and receive your products that way.

How to sell online wouldn’t be a problem with Lamido. You can easily shimmy your earnings up to 100% by becoming a Trusted Seller. If you are a Trusted Seller, customers will see a badge of your authenticity — a shining display of your awesomeness.

On top of this, I’ve summarized all the benefits of using Lamido for you.

★ Exposure to millions of buyers and sellers

★ A means of earning additional moolah (you can make it as your sideline)

★ Personal shop front!

★ Upload hundreds of products at once

★ No fees for buyers and sellers!

★ Do business anywhere, anytime

The last benefit is made possible through the Lamido app.

With the app, you can easily browse, buy, sell and manage your Lamido experience whenever and wherever you are!

It’s FREE to download from Google Play.

✔ Buy and discover app exclusive deals and 100,000+ products on the go

Sell easy. Take a picture with your mobile, describe your product and sell in one click.

✔ Get personalized notifications about your items and activities

✔ Instant message sellers or customers

✔ Share your favorite products via social media, message and email

✔ Leave feedback and review products and sellers

I’ll leave you now with the decision to open that online store on Lamido. You’ve got the Marsala tip to start with. wink