2015 Theme

Transition: My 2015 Theme

Happy 2015, darlings!

How did the first day of the year treat you? I suppose all your body parts — and organs — for that matter are still intact, though, they are quite — excuse me for this — a little stuffed. That’s perfectly okay, love, because New Year’s Day was made for changes.

Every January 1st, you, or rather, we are almost always ecstatic about everything about our lives. It’s the high time when we want everything to be redirected into the right path. We want slimmer bodies a healthier lifestyle, kinder attitude, a fresh start on our finances and relationships, another year of improving our relationship with The Father, another chance to build a start up and so on.

We all want changes. For the better.

And speaking of change, this is what I’ve dedicated my year to. Only, I chose its synonym — Transition.

Why ‘Transition’?

Well, my 2014 with the theme Dreamcatcher, has done its job of making me realize that I could go on living me life doing only the things that I love to do. Hooray! But, the bad news is — it’s not easy to just do it right away. I need more time. To muster up the courage so I am giving myself this year to prepare for it. Although I’ve been preparing for it for the last months. Gawd, the chicken kicks the shiz (say what?) out of me when I think of it.

Do you have a theme song to go with your 2014 theme?

Yes! It’s the one you are hearing (that is, if you have pressed the play button). It’s called ‘Everybody Talks’ by Neon Trees. I chose the song for no particular reason at all. I was browsing the Moods Playlist in Spotify and I kind of fancy it when I heard it. It has apparently no connection with my theme. I like things that way — disconnected. Just like a random word as title for a completely and entirely different-idea’d blog post. I like how mysterious that make me seem.

So what are your 2015 goals?

This is just going to be simple. I suppose I need not elaborate because I have my birthday goals, monthly goals, weekly wishes and daily lists. Haha. I am this OC when it comes to achieving my goals! Remember, I’ve stopped using only half of my heart.

Keep up
          be consistent. break goals into chunks. never break a habit twice. create a process that works. stick with it. 

Prep up
         pray. ask for discernment. turn to people who care for support. seek inspiration. seek God.

See, I told you it was simple.

And how are you exactly going to do that?

I have supercharged my goal-grabbing process and techniques. And I have this:

Leonie Dawson Life + Biz 2015 Workbooks

I am a sucker of journals, but this year, I have decided that my journal will be digital ones. I have downloaded Leonie’s awesome Life and Biz Workbooks for 2015 and I can’t wait for my life to change because of it. I have chosen them as a part of my Transition plan. I believe these can help me in my transition and help me prepare better. :) I am just soooo excited on what 2015 will bring!

What is your 2015 theme?
Come on, you should have one! Think about it and tell me what you have come up with.