Weekly Wishes 22

Weekly Wishes # 22 { January 2015 | Week 2 }

Weekly Wishes

This is a weekly blog link up by The Nectar Collective which I always join because: (1) I need to transfer the buzzing things from my brain to somewhere else. (2) I need to get things done and (3) I need to get to my goals — retiring early — the fastest way possible!

I am still not in the mood for work. I function better when I am at home. In fact, I had a productive day today just by only being home. I washed my undies, clean up all the dishes, brought the garbage out and add more soil to the plans. The lemon tree’s roots are showing on the soil surface already. Geez.

On top of that, I have finished two online jobs. So yeah. Today was productive because last Sunday wasn’t.

Last Week’s Wishes

…On Blogging

★ [SEMI-NAILED THIS] Create 4 blog posts: 1 Weekly Wishes, 1 Brain Baits, 1 Wealth Check Wednesdays, 2 misc

 …On Finances

★ [NAILED THIS!] Update financial spreadsheets. Boyfie and I have never missed a day! Feels good. I hope this will last. Haha. 

 …On School + Work

★ [FAILED THIS!]  Start the paper on Quanti Stats. I am moving this to next week. We have a long quiz on stats this Saturday so I’ll be studying every night. Haha. I hope.

★ [FAILED THIS!]  Study on Man Acc. Turned out we were supposed to report last Saturday, but luck was on our side! Our professor ate up all the time discussing other things. So we’re going to report this coming Saturday.

★ [SORT OF NAILED THIS!]  Shimmy back to work.  I managed to reach the last stages of the 3 projects. But there’s just soooo much work left to do. :( 

 …On Side Hustling 

★ [NAILED THIS!]  Finish work this week. All I have to do is upload the document tomorrow. Hah. I have another assignment. 

★ [CANCELLED THIS!]  Apply to 2 more jobs. I’m kind of busy this week for new clients.

 …On Health + Fitness

★ [NAILED THIS!]  Eat veggies.  I ate chopseuy earlier.

★ [FAILED THIS!]  Drink tea.

★ [FAILED THIS!]  Sit ups

 …On Personal Development & Creative Pursuits

★  [FAILED THIS!]  Practice watercolor strokes. Was busy on other things.


 I Zumba’ed!!

 I fixed my blog’s footer and the category links.

 I took care of the plants!

 I took care of the laundry!

This Week’s Wishes

…On My Faith

 Read at least one gospel

…On Blogging

 Create 4 blog posts: 1 Weekly Wishes, 1 Brain Baits, 1 Wealth Check Wednesdays, 2 misc

 …On Finances

★ Update financial spreadsheets.

★ Top up MF’s. Open new one?

★ Pay cc.

 …On School + Work

 Analyze the data I have obtained for my QuantiStats paper

★ Prepare for the Man Acc report

★ Shimmy back to work again, accomplish this week’s goals

 …On Side Hustling 

 Finish one this week.

 Apply to 2 more jobs.

 Reply to an email I have missed.

 …On Health + Fitness

 Eat veggies.

 Drink tea.

 Sit ups

 Zumba this week

 …On Personal Development & Creative Pursuits

 Practice watercolor strokes

 Read at least half of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere

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