Catholic Wedding Requirements in the Philippines

Catholic Wedding Document Requirements in the Philippines + FREE Printable Checklist

Let’s talk about the tedious and less artsy side of preparing for your wedding — the legal documents.

Since we’re one of those couples who are having a short engagement, we’re pretty much pressured to accomplish everything in just a short span of time. If you’re also planning to have a short one, then, you should know that you are the kind of person who doesn’t break when pressure sets in. You wouldn’t want to be a Bridezilla.

As for us, we know we are up for the challenge because we both are engineers. We just want to make things work, no matter how we do it, just as long as the QA’s aren’t looking. Kidding.

So, we are getting married in Chapel on the Hill in Batulao. They have given us a list of their requirements. Your church will give you the list too, but every Catholic wedding needs pretty much the same requirements so you can use my list. You can download a free printable of the wedding document requirements at the end of this post. :)

 Catholic Wedding Document Requirements 

When I first saw the list, I was light ‘woah!’. There list can be overwhelming! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Here the wedding documents you need to secure before you can have your Catholic wedding here in the Philippines.

Click on the folder icon to know more where to get it, how much does it cost, tips on getting one and so on.

Baptismal Certificates
Confirmation Certificates
Birth Certificates
Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
Canonical Interview
Publication of Banns
Groom & Bride 2x2 pictures
Pre-Cana Seminar Certificate
Marriage License
List of Principal Sponsors


  Miscellaneous Church Requirements 

Dispensation of Banns

Marriage Contract (if civilly married)


You can do it! Start on the documents early if you want to concentrate on your wedding’s artsy little details months before the wedding!

10 Basic Requirements for a Catholic Wedding

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