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Now That My 3rd Semester in Grad School is Over, I Will…

I’ve enrolled myself in MBA classes a year and a half ago. I sort of thought it would be my life’s back-up plan because I want to be a work-at-home mom who writes for a living. You must be laughing at my reason, but of course, I have a secret plan on why I am doing it. I just won’t tell you because. Maybe you’ll laugh at it too.

I am not sure if I am doing the right thing, but so far I am enjoying some parts of MBA classes. I get to meet people. I get to discuss in front of the class and I re-discovered my fondness for talking to a bunch of people, making them laugh. I get praises for my writing and documentation skills. Lol. Whatever.

So far, I have finished 3 semesters. And last week was the hellish of them all! I wrote 10 yellow pages for my Operations Management exam. I worked on the class documentation. I didn’t even know why I volunteered. I studied for Financial Management and I realized it is difficult reviewing for a few nights if you weren’t listening the whole semester. I didn’t like the professor that’s why. I studied for Quanti Statistics and reviewed how to input and analyze different sorts of data. I sucked at the identification part.

Oh well. I am glad that I got my Saturdays to myself starting this week! Hah! And I want to dedicate a post to the things that I want to do now that my 3rd semester in grad school is over. Yay, you prolly won’t care, but I want to let this out of my system. Or maybe I just want to add a new blog post. Whatever. Here we go.


  1. sleep until 9 AM (the most) on Saturday mornings because as a full-time working adult who got an effing stressful job, I need all the sleep that I can get. =P
  2. get back to wedding planning. Wedding is exactly 3 months from now and I really haven’t put every shit together. I need to work on that.
  3. travel local. I missed traveling, not that I am an avid traveler. I just want to shake shit off once in a while because stress can kill.  We have a scheduled trip to See the Enchanted River next month so yayyyy I am soo excited.
  4. take more pictures. Our (yes, the fiance’s and mine.) Nikon and Go Pro are collecting dust for months now. We better put them to use again.
  5. get back to Zumba again. Yay. I stopped for the last weeks because I don’t wanna stress myself that much. And ugh, I am working until 9pm. I changed my work schedule so I hope to get more me time. If I need weekdays off, err, I’ll have a work around for it.
  6. read ebooks again! I have only finished one since January! But for the last few weeks, I can’t bring myself to read because my brain is tired.
  7. go back to calligraphy. Yay! Because when I practice, I lose track of time and that is a bad thing when you get shitloads of stuff to do. For now, I can run back with arms wide open to it.
  8. try the watercoloring pad that I bought weeks ago. I’ve also bought watercolors last year when I vowed to revive my creative self who is dying.
  9. cook healthy! And because I am always tired, the fiance and I were relying on fast food and karinderya food to feed us. But, this should stop. We should eat healthy! :) I missed my own meals anyway. Haha. I can cook, I tell you.
  10. read the bible and talk to Him more. I am sooooo guilty of cutting my hours with HIM. :(((
  11. watch LOST. Just copied the entire 5 seasons. I needed to relax.
  12. blog more here. I’ve been crappy. Sorry for that.
  13. write for Finance Pinoy. Yes, we’re reviving it. I hope you could visit our site. It’s a Financial Resource for Filipinos. We talk about finance stuff. Get some great tips from there.
  14. buy flowers when I can. I have collected juice bottles, which I used as a vase when the fiance gave me flowers last Vday. I am thinking flowers make everything prettier so maybe I’ll put flowers in a bottle or two.
  15. side hustle once more. I need to build up my finances so I’m going back to side hustling. Hello, oDesk.

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