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A 4-Month Tagaytay Wedding Planning Diary {Warning: Very Detailed!}

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So anyway, we’re getting married(!) and as of writing, we’ve got three months left. So, this entry is more like a documentation how we’re pulling this one off, if we can pull it off. Haha. I’d like to keep you on your toes.

Wait, you’re asking about the proposal? Okay, here. You may skip it if you want.

The Proposal 

Yes, I want to know how he proposed.

Let’s proceed with how we are working on the wedding, okay? Just want to let you in the details in case you don’t want to end up planning for at least a year for your wedding. If you’re that dynamic, go-go couple like us, then you should definitely get married in less than 6 months! Here’s how we’re doing.

The First Month 

He proposed on the 17th of January.And here’s what happened during the following days — or hours. :)

We googled about the major things like the church and reception short after the proposal. We have our top picks and we researched blogs, prices and reviews. We even called some before we decided to set out the next day. Yes, we were that fast! Haha.

Week 1

Jan. 17 to 23

We went to Tagaytay and it was raining hard and the winds have no mercy either. That couldn’t stop us either. Love is stronger. (Hahaha!)

Booked Chapel on the Hill
The following day, we set out to check out a couple of churches in Tagaytay that we like. I was already in love with Chapel on the Hill and we decided to check it out first. When we got there, we are convinced to make the reservation pronto! We already have cash, but we have to go back to get some more cash because we’re short by a few thousands.

Read more about Chapel on the Hill, Batulao  

Ocular inspection on Sonya's Garden
Right after visiting Chapel on the Hill, we dropped by Sonya’s Garden (my first choice) since it is just a few minutes away from Chapel on the Hill. We have to ride the trike to get there. We talked to Ate Josephine about their wedding packages and took home some brochures. Check out my Sonya’s Garden post to know more.
Decided on the wedding color palette
I have a previous post about Marsala and I see it fitting that the color of the year, which is the color of my blog too will be also the main color base for my wedding! Here are is my color wedding palette. I’ll have to make my own version soon! 

Informed family and friends
I’ve informed my mom, my immediate family and my friends. They’re all pretty excited about it! That sent pressure threats. *Exhale* And when I told my friends, they said they are coming! To think that they’ll be coming from my home province in the Visayas! One even booked a ticket already. So, yes, this wedding should push through!
Decided on what vedors to get and whay to DIY
I’ve stepped back and looked at the wedding as whole, the back side of things, the logistics part and when I think about it, I think I can do it with the help of family and friends. I mean, we can do it without a marriage coordinator and a stylist. This is the perfect time to put my creative skills and MBA learnings on the test. Haha!
Started, Scratched off, Re-listed the Guest List/Entourage
This is the hard part. Soon to be hubby (S2BH, I’ll refer to him as S2BH from now on) and I will have tensions about this. We want an intimate, small gathering of very close family and friends. The problem is my mom, my mom has a huge group of intimate friends. She is that friendly and my titas have played a major roles on our lives for the last decade or even two. So, this is going to be a challenge.
Researched on the wedding photog/video packages
I’ve sent e-mails and inquiries to a bunch of companies. Some took a long time to reply, some will send a reply within the day. I have to find one which will fit our budget. I want a photo-only service and a same-day video edit. That’s it. I can just edit the pictures and make a photobook myself afterwards.

Week 2

Jan. 24 to 30

It’s as if we’ve accomplished a lot already, but we’re only on the second week of planning!

Booked Sonya's Garden
After a few cat-dog fights about the guest list, we finally settled that we want to have our reception in Sonya’s Garden. (Yahooooo!) I love the lights in there and the ambiance and I think I’ll be heartbroken if I can have our reception there. I also wanted to go for a bare garden wedding and get an outside catering, but that would cost more. I wanted tent for my wedding! But, I have to be practical. You could check out the other Tagaytay places that we have considered here.
Booked A&A Photography
My friend recommended this and I have to thank her!! Her friend knows the friend of the owner of this photography service and she’s asking if I could have a discount. *wink* You could check out my blog post on our preferred wedding photo and video services.
Gathered HMUA targets
I’ve seen amazing make up transformations (I may need it, haha). The one that I liked liked liked costs a fortune. I checked the GirlTalk forum for this and I’ve gotten a lot of useful feedback. I haven’t decided on this yet, but I have a handful of HMUA quotes already. Have to study them. You could check out my HMUA blog post for more deets.
Scouting a wedding band
S2BH’s uncle want to have a band on the reception. That’s his gift to us. S2BH found one with a very very good feedback, but they’re already booked on our wedding day! Too bad. We’re still on the hunt.
Pinned entourage gowns
Dress comes secondary to me. I wouldn’t want to splurge on my bridal dress, but I want it to look nice. I’ve already devoured the Marsala pins on Pinterest. And I’ve seen my pegs for the bridesmaids and groomsmen and for the little kiddos and even for me and S2BH. I’ve already shared it with family and friends and they liked my picks.
Started on the wedding documents
When I saw the list, I think it will take forever! There are lots of things to do. S2BH is an Aglipay and I am a Roman Catholic. He’s switching religion and we have started inquiring our local church on how we can do it. You can check out my detailed blog post about the wedding document requirements.

The Second Month 

Week 3

Jan. 31 to Feb. 6

Continue work on the wedding documentation
I’ve asked my mom if she could take care of my baptismal and confirmation certificates and she said yes. :) Meanwhile, S2BH asked for a certificate of no record from their local church. This document is needed for his Roman Catholic baptism and confirmation. 

Checked out bridal gowns in Divi
After reading a few blogs, we decided to head out to Divi. Because they said that it was cheap. I am not willing to spend thousands on my wedding gown! So, I went for a simple, yet unique design. I figured I could just buy a decent top from a branded store and had the skirt sewn. I saved the design on my phone and approached my targeted stalls one by one. I showed them the design and they gave me different estimates! The range they offered me was from Php 10,000 to Php35,000. Woah. Average was Php15,000. And no, they wouldn’t sew the skirt only, they’d want to do both. The prices are inclusive of the veil and the bridal pillows (for rings, coins, etc.) No way though. Ugh. So we went away broken hearted. I told myself that I could figure some thing out. I’m not Bridezilla, I am one chill bride.

Checked out Dangwa Flowers
I only had a rough idea of what my bridal bouquets would look like. It’s a mix between marsala, deep greens and off whites. So, we searched for the perfect flowers in Dangwa. I ended up buying succulents! Haha. But, I spotted a few marsala colors. I checked out the prices and they were pretty affordable. A hunded and twenty for a bunch of flowers. I also asked a few suppliers for a quote, but I am not sure I am going to get them. Currently, the plan is for me and mom and whoever wants to help to do the bouquets. I’m a bit OC about this. Plans can change though. 

Scouting for a Tagaytay Wedding Band and Singer
I’ve also been doing research about wedding bands and singers. This will be the gift of S2BH’s tito to us. :) Yay! My top picks are Mhadz and Dhei and Infinite Soul Acoustic. Unfortunately, Mhadz and Dhei was booked on our wedding day. We can only go for Infinite Soul Acoustic. These two bands are the most raved bands in Girl Talk Forum btw. I got hold of Infinite Soul’s Fb Page and got the packages and yes, they were affordable. But, when I texted Monica (the lead singer) their rates are no longer the same. And I totally understand this because I am a freelancer myself. I want to increase rates after a few months. S2BH said they’re already expensive. *heart breaking here* So, I patiently waited for their new quote. All I can do for the mean time is wait.

Called the documentation officer of our parish
I was about to ask for a letter of permission from Our Lady of All Nations Parish (parish tied with Chapel on the Hill) to have the Pre-CANA seminar on a different parish (the church that is closer to us). There are 2 documentation officers that we can talk to. Apparently, we need our baptismal and confirmation certificates for that. And we need to go there personally because we need to have that marriage banns too. Boohoo. Too much work.

We have an unproductive week here. Lols.

Week 4

Feb. 6 to Feb. 13

Got my certificates via LBC
I had gotten hold of my documents. Thank you very much mother dear! And Happy birthday too! :) It’s her birthday tomorrow.

Booked a seamstress
So, when I told my mom that the sewing rates here in Manila are crazy, she told me we can have my gown made in our hometown. But before that, I can check the province where my titas are living in now. So we went there for the weekend! And checked out the most recommended stall of Tita C. I felt right talking to Tita as she was correcting me that we should use the same hue on my gown! And recommending this and that. So, I got a little relieved that she knows what she’s doing and she showed me the clothes to be used on my dress! I loved it already. And she even cut some for me to take home because we were asking the names of the clothes all the time. But, when I first showed her my design. She kind of criticized it. So I was like, blehhh I like this skirt! She said it was a little messy (apparently because it has several folds and scallops on it, that’s why I liked it. It’s unique and not so normal). But as she visualized it and as I showed her a picture of the clearer version, she kind of liked it already. So, we booked her on the spot and made a downpayment. My cousin, who is the maid of honor also showed her her coveted design and she got the measurements. This needs to be made on a new post. Haha.

Talked with Infinite Soul Acoustic again
I finally got the new package rates and S2BH saw a discrepancy so we clarified the rate of our target package with them. We finally settled that one out. S2BH told me to haggle with them and I am kind of nervous and apprehensive to do it, but I did it anyway. And guess what, Monica agreed! :) Yay. I have to kiss S2BH for that. And he called up his tito and the rate Infinite Soul Acoustic has given can be accommodated! So yey yey yey! We’re having them on our wedding day. That night, we were streaming their videos and marvel at how good they are. So I was happy that we can officially book them this week!

Still looking for HMU
I have also inquired an HMU service in the town of my tita and they offer the cheapest rates, but they need a transportation from Laguna to Tagaytay. And, I was invited to a bridal fair by an HMU I’ve messaged before and I’m still open for the bidding. There’s a free trial make up during that day and I can’t wait to try them out. :) But there’s going to be a bridal fair on SM too so I am still sorting out on how to go to both. Lol.

Wedding band booked! That’s a relief. This week, we’re going to focus on the other things. I’ll keep this post updated! Hope you come back again! :)

Week 5

Feb. 14 to Feb. 20

Wedding prep break.

Lol. Finals Week on Grad School. And Valentine’s Day.

Week 6

Feb. 21 to Feb. 27

Sent Entourage Details
I e-mailed Tita C the details that we have discussed when we visited her. She will be the one making my bridal gown.

The Third Month 

Week 7

Feb. 28 to Mar. 6

Ordered NSO certificates and CENOMAR online
Did I told you that I have telling J that we skip the NSO and rely on technology instead? Did not listen. We still went there. Amph. For him to see the loooooooooong line. Hah. He yielded.  True, the online fees are wayyy higher, but hey you get to skip the lines.

Read more about Where to Get your CENOMAR the hassle-free way soon! 

Had our wedding rings created
After checking out NSO, we opted to go to Ongpin to have our wedding rings made. We opted for a simple style. We have a strict budget to follow.

Read more about Where to have your engagement and wedding rings made in Manila soon!

Started our wedding website
Created a subfolder higher, but hey you get to skip the lines.

Read more about How to create a subfolder for your sub-website soon!

Eyed a Tagaytay Flower vendor
Thanks to my officemate who has been wed last year. She gave me the number of this affordable and quality Tagaytay flower vendor. :)

Week 8

Mar. 7 to Mar. 13

Wedding prep break.

Headed out to Surigao and Davao! We need to shake off the stress.

Read more about 4-Day, 3-Night Surigao-Davao Itinerary soon!

Started working on the invites
Thank you, Photoshop!

Week 9

Mar. 14  to Mar. 20

Got our wedding rings
Went to Ongpin to get them. They’re elegantly simple. Boo me for not being able to think about a good line for the etching. We just had the names and wedding date etched. Classic. And boring. Was busy. xD

Visit the seamstress
Tita C wouldn’t proceed with the sewing of my wedding gown if I don’t approve of the fabrics. That’s good. But the downer here is that she is asking for a Php3,000 increase for the scallop lining. Our initial agreement was Php8,000 for the dress and skirt plus Php2,000 for the scallop. But, now, she is asking for an additional Php3,000 for the scallop. No way. I figure I could just have another seamstress sew on the scallop lining. If she has told us earlier, then maybe I wouldn’t have chosen her service. She also quoted Php4,500 for J’s suit and vest. J wouldn’t agree with it. Which is a bummer since I liked the fabric that she showed us.

Ordered J's vest and suit
After visiting Tita C’s spot, we checked out other stores until we bumped into a spot where they accept Made to Rent orders. They’ll get J’s size and they’ll have it sewn. J will be the first user then we will return the vest and suit back to them. It’s cheap at Php1,800 and J was pretty happy with it. They have fairly neat work basing on the displays so we went with it.

Schedule Canonical Interview
Scheduled it on Saturday. After my night shift. Good luck to me.

Called Sonya's for the food tasting
We can schedule it anytime. We just need to tell them 3 days in advance before going there.

J started with his Catechism lessons
He is learning all about our religion’s (Roman Catholic) beliefs. But, it’s a little similar to his since he’s an Aglipay. He is going to be baptized on Easter Sunday! That’s pretty cool.

Finished the invites
Mom, Mama and a couple of friends told me it looks cute. I think it looks funny. Haha. Whatever. I’m going to share it here soon.

Kept in touch with Go Green Giveaways
I’ve confirmed my order. Just have to place a downpayment soon! So now you have an idea of my giveaways!

Week 10

Mar. 21 to Mar. 27

Sent out the wedding invites
Almost everybody confirmed! I just sent it to people digitally. People who are going to my wedding are miles away!

The Fourth Month 

Week 11

Mar. 28 to Apr. 3

Had our Canonical Interview in Lemery
Dyahe! It was far and we were in zombie mode because we went there straight from our night duties. Father was kind and funny! We asked him to be the one who will wed us. :)

J's last Catechism class
If ever you’re planning to be converted to Roman Catholic, you need to study Catechism for 4 weekends. It was J’s last class, however, the church’s head said he can’t be baptized there because we’re not getting married there. We were told it’s okay by the one who is in charge of the Catechism classes. It was a bummer. He’s planning to be baptized in Ilocos instead.

Booked Tagaytay House#1
We aren’t going for hotels. We opted to rent houses instead. Booked through AirBnB. Yay! Booking House#2 next week.

Week 12

Apr. 4 to Apr. 9

Decided on HMU
I already told Leah that she’ll be my HMU! This is one of the most difficult decisions. I liked a lot of HMU services, but I have to decide with a budget in mind. Leah was perfect for it! She sounds nice even in e-mail!

Booked HMU
Sent the payment! Working on the contract. :)

Week 13

Apr. 10 to Apr. 16

Baptism + Confirmation of J
My fiance is an Aglipay. He has to convert to Catholic so we can get married. It’s done na. :)

Talked to Stylist friend/co-worker
I kept imagining who will head the styling at the reception. I am kind of worried that nobody can so I am talking to my stylist friend this week. We’ve already started brainstorming. Hah. I hope I am not too late. The wedding’s in a month na! Haha

Pre Nup
J finally agreed. The same stylist friend will be facilitating. Hah. Just have to find my peg shots. And schedule the shoot of course. Naku. Daming gagawin.

Sent the marriage bans documents back home
We mailed the docs to our respective hometowns through LBC. :)

I’ll keep this post updated! Hope you come back again! :)

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