Where to Buy Succulents and Cacti in the Philippines

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Succulents and cactus have been a craze for a while now, but since I don’t have a green thumb, I haven’t joined the gardening bandwagon. Well, until a couple of months ago. It started when I went to Dangwa to check out some flowers for my wedding. I went home with 3 succulents! Ever since, I’ve been propagating (growing them more) and I’ve been hunting local shops for them. Finding out where to buy succulents and cacti in the Philippines has been one of my mission these days.

I felt that caring for them is therapeutic. They are one of the reasons why I get up in the morning. (Dramatic). It’s always exciting to see little leaves pop out and little roots stretching out for the first time! It drives my stress away especially on times when I feel like /wrist-ing everytime I think of work.

Let me share with you my favorite local and online stores that I have been eyeing!

Dangwa Flower Market


This is where I got my first three succulents. I usually buy from this roofed stall, the name of which I don’t know. Sorry. When you enter the terminal entrance with the name Dangwa (across the street from Chowking), you go straight inside the roofed space then turn right. They’re right on the corner.

Kuya always have new kinds. I always buy in 3’s because he would always sell them for a hundred a bunch. There are other stalls which sell different kinds, but the last time I checked each one costs around Php70.00 and that’s a little bit expensive compared to that of Kuya’s. I bought from him twice already.

  • Price Range: Php 35.00 each (small ones) to Php 75.00 (big ones)
  • Succ/Cac types + style :   Haworthia, Echaveria, Jade, etc. on black garden bags
  • Selling mode: Traditional stalls

Go Green Giveaways

Succulents and Cacti

Go Green Giveaways is one of the first succulent and cactus online shops that I’ve come to know. They specialize in souvenirs, but they also deliver to cactus enthusiasts all over the country. I’ve included them in the list because if your province still doesn’t have a local shop where you can buy, then you can go order from them. I’ve seen plants bound to Visayas on their IG account. They deliver through LBC.

  • Price Range: Php 70.00 each to Php 120+ (According to the quote they gave me and one post in FemaleNetwork)
  • Succ/Cac types + style : Variety of breeds on colored clay pots, burlap or coco pots (with souvenir cards)
  • Selling mode: Delivery through LBC

Bad Plant

Bad Plant

Bad Plant is something that I have discovered when I was making this post and I hate them. Because they’re awesome. Gawd, I was always prospecting a succulent and cactus business since I started hoarding. But when I saw this shop, my dream shattered because their plants are too cool and I know that I just can’t beat their concept. Haha. Enough with the fangirling.

  • Price Range: Php250 – Php350
  • Succ/Cac types + style : Variety of breeds on black and white pots
  • Selling mode: Meet ups (UP Teacher’s Village, PHILCOA, UP Campus), no deliveries

Look at their IG. It’s just — perfect.

Other Local Spots & Online Stores

The hashtag #succulentsph can amuse me for hours. It’s my way of torturing myself and feeding my addiction. So, during a couple my many IG hashtag browsing, I’ve come to know that you can also buy succulents and cactus from these local spots and online stores in the Philippines. They’re still on my list of gardening bucket list so I really don’t have a lot of ideas about them. YET.

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Market Market
QC Circle
Mr & Mrs Green PH

These are the spots that I have known so far. I hope you can tell me where you buy succulents and cacti in the Philippines so I can check them out.

Addicted to Succulents and Cacti? Where do you buy your stash?